Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Weird,Wacky,Shiny,Shimmering,Splendid Helmet

Well, all motor or shall we say helmet enthusiast out there must love this one. While browsing the internet, this smiling shiny helmet below have caught my eye. In a glimpse it looks like a black "The Mask" in a grin. But if you take a closer look it surely is a helmet. An artistic way of creating stuffs for motorist is makes the world livelier to live. This ones proves that sometimes, somehow, some days bullies are artistically useful. lolz.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Mystery Way Back Home

Despite the Kadayawan celebration in Davao City, I still went home last weekend. Sure thing I missed a lot of activities, gimicks and events that happens once a year in the City. Perhaps it make me happier going home than joining in events like this.

Nevertheless my weekend still have to be very incredible. Of course together with my family back home, I realize that more than anything else and big events it's so nice to be at home. Playing around with my ate's dog, doing my household chores and sleeping a lot is a great fun way back my place. Besides that we have been in a bonding with my mother and my ate. As simple as eating, watching TV and listening to music is much way relaxing than having myself in a big crowd of people in the city. Although it also sounds fun to be at the city but I myself has been having a good time in our home. That's the greatest mystery way back home.

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