Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Play Games with Bluetooth Headset

It is an advantage for every PC online and offline gamers to have a headset while playing this games. Spying through sounds and enjoying the movements and character's audio effects makes us feel more comfortable than those who don't have. But many times a player would be disappointed when a wire from the headset will interrupt or getting stranded while making their moves. It is very undesirable when it happens especially when the game is intense. That is why a bluetooth headset has been develop recently. The so called pillete in the picture below is a small bluetooth headset that comes from a size of a pill designed with best audio reception. It features a high performance microphone that maintains optimal voice quality in a tiny package.


The bluetooth will become active once the earpiece is folded into an L shape as demonstrated in the picture. Easy to setup that may not add the hassle it takes to start a game. No wonder this is the most anticipated gadget nowadays and PC players from around the world are excited to own one. Unfortunately there is not enough data that shows its specifications.Also the price it will be in the release. But since it is small it would probable be affordable to the consumers. Nevertheless this is surely one of the most awaited gadget today.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Risk of Brain Tumor to Mobile Users

New research shows that those people who use mobile phones for more than a decade is prone to head Tumor.

Based from the Europian study of almost 5,000 people show that long term mobile users were 40 percent more likely to develop a type of nervous system tumor near the phone ear. Ideally this is because of the direct transmission of radiation from the phone speaker to the eardrum.

But the Australian Mobile Telecommunications Association (AMTA) has warned the overall results showed no increased risk and
"should not be taken too far."

Technically, the above results is an unpublished study reported in a US newsletter Microwave News. This could be an additional finding on the dangers of mobile phone use.

Similar to the other studies it also suggested increase risk of head tumors but several others have found no links to it. Researchers at the Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority in Finland enlisted a group of mobile phone users from four European countries - 1,521 with the cancerous tumours, called gliomas, and 3,301 people without.

The study that to be published in the International Journal of Cancer has found no evidence of connections between mobile phones and tumors in general. But when separating out the long-term users, they found out that for those who had used the phone for more than ten years were 39 percent more likely to develop tumor than the others. They said that the overall do not indicate an increased risk of Glioma in relation to mobile phone use. The possible risk could be in the most heavily exposed part of the brain with long-term use and must have a further research before the conclusions be released.

The head of Britain's Mobile Telecommunications Health Research program, Professor Lawrie Challis, has told the Telegraph newspaper the study showed a "hint of something" for longer term users that needs further exploration.

But a spokesman for the AMTA, which promotes cellular communication in Australia, said the overall evidence freed mobiles of blame.

"It shows no evidence of increased risk of brain tumours," the spokesman said.

"And because of the very small number of people in the study you've got to be careful not to go too far with these results."

In my humble opinion everything that is excessive could be harmful and would not be good for us. It is better to be careful for our safety. As we wait for further results it is advisable to minimize our use of mobile phones. Health is wealth so we don't have to take the risk from it.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Eyeball Tattoo - Geez. It Hearts You Know!

A man from Toronto decided to have a tattoo in his eyeball. Ouch! This is gross but I'll try to explain. Corneal tattooing is usually used for patients that have had trauma to their eye. For this which is called body modification. Basically this man has turned the whites of his eyes into blue.

In order to complete the procedure, it took 40 injections of blue ink into his eye. Pigment was injected under the top layer of the eye using a syringe. Then the syringe injected the ink into the eye. Before that, they tried the traditional tattoo needle with ink on it, but the ink didn't hold on it. So they switch to the syringe which is better and more convenient.

The man has reported that all is well so far, but it feels like he has something in his eye.

I am sure that I won't do this for no insane reasons. I can't even imagine having a tattoo anywhere in me. It hurts that needles are poking you anywhere and I don't know what it feels when it will be in our eyes.

I wonder what would happen if you change your mind after it was done? Anyway I think we only need a fresh milk and the needle "again" to remove the tattoo.Awts!awts!

Who here wants to get the world's next eyeball tattoo? I suggest to have the Philippine Eagle in your eyes or the Eversun logo. That seem very fascinating.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Throw Your Camera and Smile!

While browsing the internet I found a certain gadget that is very interesting. I am talking about the "Triops".

This is a digital camera that shoots when it's thrown. The concept of this project is quite confusing because by throwing the camera we might lose the focus on the subject. Besides, it is very hard to achieve the best results if ever the object is moving. But according to the German designer Franziska Faoro this camera is to give the users a new level of experience in photography. This is designed and equipped with three protected fisheye lenses to make this digital camera to take pictures by throwing and capturing unusual places even at suspended mode. And finally this is robust that will surely be stable everytime it falls.

The best thing about this camera is it make it possible to capture 360 degrees of panorama images. You can also capture spontaneous and active photography by throwing the camera and smile. You don't have to be in a helicopter or above the tree to take a picture above the object. The concept is simple but I think it is very useful to capture exciting pictures and challenging pose.

Anyway we don't have to disagree how good is this tech. Because it became the BraunPrize2007 finalist.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

What's Your Favorite Facebook Apps?

Many people were getting hooked to the popular social network called Facebook. What makes it exciting is maybe the applications installed into the network which is also very addicting. Just like having fun with your friends around through the chatrooms, profile searching and specially the games. I've tried many applications in my account. Though there are boring applications somehow there is a lot to choose from. My favorites are pirates kabooooom, tower bloxx, mobwars and mousehunt. Lol I think I have to be specific that I was talking on games.hehe. Anyway I love mousehunt since there is a good chance to earn money while playing. It is a game that you play as mice hunter given the different items and traps to help catch the mice. The best thing is by trapping the "mobster" and "leprechaun" mouse you will be given a prize depending on the weight of that mouse.

Facebook has more to offer that we have to explore. I think this is just few of what I know that I like about facebook. Besides playing the games I am also engage to the different groups that gives me the opportunity to gather more friends to play and chat with me. A way to enchance my network and contacts in the internet world.

Since it is important for me to know and extract that juices of facebook applications, I want to ask you guys to help me find and discover the nicest applications on facebook. If you know something good then send a comment to me and if I like it I'll give you a price of $30.:D

P.S. If you have the courage to put this guy in hitlist


then there will be a bonus package for you. Only the first 3 person to do this correctly will win this huge amount.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Hot Social News Websites that Drives Traffic

Social news websites are the new trends on promoting your site. It is a site where the voice of the community members takes control rather than the editor. The members will choose and decide whats hot or not. For bloggers in particular it is important to put your links by stories and content of your site to the list of social media sites to have a good source of traffic. If you are lucky enough that your article will be posted in front page then it is a good news to your site. With so many of these sites now available but you don't know where to find them. That why I'll give you the list of the hottest social news website all over the internet and how it works for you.


Digg is a place for people to discover and share content from anywhere on the web. From the biggest online destinations to the most obscure blog.


News links generated by the users and moderated by the members. Best stories will be posted in the front page.


Mixx offers links to the juicy information from the internet and good stuffs that we don't want to miss.


Yahoo owned social news site covering all topics.


Community news service that let members customize the news viewed.


Shoutwire is the latest community based internet news website. It allows the community rather than a news editor to submit and review news content


Environmentally oriented search engine, forum and directory, with a shopping service that donates portion of sales to environmental causes.


KiRTSY is a place to find things, good and better News, ideas, information,products and many other stunning stories.
(Previously Sk*rt sk-rt.com)


Design Float is a social media site dedicated to the design industry.


A social media site dedicated to the design industry. Sharing of thoughts, ideas and styles for the sake of art.


Sharing of links,data and information for the developers.


Offers social search features that allows you to discover content with personalized filtering features of tags,keywords or a combination of both.


BallHype, a sports news site and social network, finds the biggest sports stories on the web and lets fans discuss, vote, or submit their own.


A social bookmarking news site for the latest file sharing news and p2p information.


Your source of daily information and news about Mozilla chosen by the community members and editors.

Health Ranker

Social Media news that brings you the latest information from health news or any health related stories.


NewsCloud.com is a social network for sharing stories with your friends from the latest new all over the web.


IndianPad is a user edited bookmark of news stories from South Asia. The users vote to rank every story and the story of most votes will be in the front page.

YCombinator Hacker News

Tech, Business and startup News.


The world of auto enthusiast which cover the latest new on autos with all the recent photos of the technology.


Free Blog Traffic, Blog Articles, Blog Forum, Vote for your favorite blogs and blog articles.


BloggingZoom is a place for people to discover and share content from any blog on the web. From the famous online blogs to the newest and least visited blogs.


Sphinn is the place for web, online, search, interactive and internet marketers to share news stories or talk within subject-specific discussion forums.


Green news services contributed by users.


A hub for news and articles by and for the free and open source community.


Sharing of open source new from projects and communities all over the internet.


Newcastle United News views and comments Toon army news Breaking news Newcastle United.


Also a user powered social network site that offers guides, tutorials and more in all kinds of computing,technology and internet applications.


Indiha is a user powered information site.


News, articles and information for Indian community across the globe.


Deals: Dell Home Small Business, Amazon, Buy.com, Staples Coupons and Promotion Codes, Free After Rebate Items, updated hourly.


If you love entertainment and showbiz then this is what you were looking for. Covers new sites and a social network that finds the biggest entertainment stories on the web. Let all the fans discuss, vote or submit their own.

Hugg 2.0

All environmental and social issues.


Start your hive or add bookmarks to the online style club. For people who live for design,fashion and shopping this fits for you. This is where you meet your style icons and follow them as they discover their latest finds.


Social news on fashion and primarily aimed at women.


From the name itself Linkfilter will be judging the links through several criteria such as click,votes,age or a combination of all. That is how users compete and be moderated by the members.


Plime is an editable wiki community where users can add and edit weird and interesting links.


A service that allows users to publish and submit their products for online shopping which they find cool,innovative,beautiful or simply different that the public might be interested. It will be promoted and be posted in the front page if many will vote to love it.


Pixel Groovy is a tutorial directory. In order to provide a tutorials to publish, the members has the ability to decide what tutorial is worth reading and useful for the public users.


Some tips, tricks, and hints on a particular topic with a wide variety of categorize subjects. Instead of having this information spread across scores of sites the site will accommodate them all.


Daytipper is the online daily resource for useful advice,tips,tricks,techniques and hint to learn about buying,selling,grooming,cooking and many more...


This is a community based news site edited by their members. It specializes in .NET development techniques, technologies and tools including ASP.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

WHy 8?

Maybe because according to some beliefs 8 is a lucky number. Anyway I just found out that Dane and Laurie,my officemates,tagged me. That's why I felt so lucky to hear the good news. I haven't done this before so I want to try and follow the rules. Ok and here are eight random facts about me:

  • When I was young I'm so sick of riding a bus to travel. Since we live in the province somewhere in the North of Davao that's why my parents are worried that I might not get into college. But then when I was in the 3rd year of my secondary level I am getting used to travel. I learn how to cope the feeling of dizziness and everything. And now its completely different. I already learned to appreciate the good things of being an explorer.

  • My favorite superhero is spiderman. I simply love spiders specially those colorful ones. The best and the furious breed I ever encounter was Marka King and Tukloan.Nevermind the "Tagabalay". LOL

  • I graduated at a Seventh Day Adventist school in elementary that's how I started to learn reading the bible. Also learned how to locate the verses in the Bible. But despite the teachings, I still remember how to do "the sign of the cross" since I am a catholic.

  • In highschool I was a Sepak Takraw varsity but I also play chess,basketball and baseball. My team is good but as soon as I enter the field we are suddenly losing. I think I was a Jinx.:(.What I did is to stay in the bench and we've won! Therefore I am the lucky charm in the bench.wootweew!

  • Also in Highschool and I was in 4th year and my father died to Cirrhosis of the liver. :(.Until then, we are now 2 guys in our Home. Me and my ate's dog CUMI. He's in the playboy Mag at the sidebar.:D

  • Life goes on and now with my two sisters and my mother our bonding is playing scrabble. Luckily I win sometimes though my favorite words are "Mice and Pig".hehe

  • I also play Dota but I think I am not as good as other "Bully" players. But the good news is I can kill neutral creeps if no "saw2x"!

  • I love music but music doesn't love me. So I appreciate music as an art. One of my favorite song and artist is this guy...

--------->Please Click Here <-----------

Oink...Now my fellow bloggers to share their opinion and facts of their self. I hope will also do tagging with me.

And the RULES are:

1. Each player starts with eight random facts/habits about themselves.
2. People who are tagged need to write their own blog about their eight things and post these rules.
3. At the end of your blog, you need to choose eight people to get tagged and list their names.
4. Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’re tagged, and to read your blog.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Chinese Zodiac and Horoscope

What do the Chinese Zodiac and Horoscope say about you? This is what they told me.

...sa dihang."Lack of implementation". Na "Star of the party" pa pinakalit na di man gani ta hilig ug party.hekhek.

Pero if you want to try click here - Chinese zodiac

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Water Drops

This wasn't mine but I like you to see this pictures that's why I put this here. I forgot to save the source and I can't put the credit to him/them. Anyway whoever you are...Good Job! I just realize that all this pics could be found ordinarily around. What we need to do is just appreciate every little things and amazing creation of God. Wonderful and brilliant creations just like you and me. :)

Ok guys have fun, meditate and reflect.hehe


In times of doubt and indecision we call our prayers. Prayer is our only way to talk to God. A simple "Thank You" to him makes a day brighter. Even with our daily task like copy and paste, we need to start with a prayer. To guide us and give us wisdom to do all task according to our will and his will above.

Powerful indeed. :)

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