Sunday, June 28, 2009

Woot | Stolen Blogspot Address | I was Tricked

Hi guys. It's been several days since I made a post for this blog. Lately I was not very passionate on doing things like this. Because I was getting busy to something and definitely my blog was not as interesting as before. Something happens to my blog that everybody should know. I will share to you the trick that they did to me.

This isn't a big deal to me but I want that everybody should be aware to this. It started when I get bored to my blog and started to do something,explore, edit, etc. In the formatting section I saw the "edit blog address page". As soon as I saw that, I then thought of varying the text. The whole URL of the homepage. So I did have a little change in a while by removing two letters of my homepage(01). After clicking the "save changes" button my new URL was approved. Then after several minutes I decided to replace that URL again to my previous address. By doing the previous steps I easily came to that save changes button. Easy steps. But an error occur. Unsuccessful changes. Oh no! Someone was registered to that address. WTH! With that little span of time, I can't go back to my previous address anymore. I was tricked. Someone was following me. And replace the URL that I have been using before. OMG! that was the biggest mistake I made in the web world.

But it's ok. I just want to tell the world to avoid this to happen to you. :D

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Back in the Court...Again

It's been 3 months since I was injured in basketball. Those lame days that made me feel weak and vulnerable. Awful time which I wasn't dreaming of. I need to have my energy back again.

So last Saturday I decided to play basketball again. I did step in the court for the first time after several days of rest. There's a feeling of hesitation and fear all the time. A fear which was made by that previous accident. Nevertheless it didn't matter as long as my passion in playing the game was there.

The dilemma of entering the court once again was intensified once we started a negotiation with the other team. They won't play with us unless there is something worth their effort. We need to have a bet. Darn! We then came into a situation of no choice other than to just give them what they wanted. They want our money badly! So from that time on we have to surrender what we have and play the game and have fun all the way.

As the game started I was a complete jerk. lol. I can't even shoot at the free throw line that was suppose to be my comfort zone. hahaha. Anyway, as expected, we lose the game. But I was proud to play it the way I thought it should be. I was having fun. I've played as tough as possible. I gave them my best despite my condition. I ain't in the perfect shape but it didn't matter very much. So that was an awesome performance in my part. (hehehe. ayaw na mo palag ha.)

By the time I will step again in that same court at my real chakra level, I'm gonna bet them all that I have in my pocket. That's my way of a ninja! haha.(hmmmnn. to tell you I only have 50 pesos in my pocket nyahaha!). Let's get it on!:p

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