Thursday, July 30, 2009

Going Physical

Recently I was thinking a better way to exercise. Most of my time in a week, I always sit, use the computer and do nothing "physical" that moves my body and sweat. It is all for nothing than a lame sit and relax. It makes my body slow like a sloth. This makes me bored all the time.

So from here on I want to have some movements. To have some workouts that must make me sweat. By that time I was thinking, I then consider buying an exercise manual. Something that will teach me how to do the basics of exercising. Good thing CDs and DVDs around Davao city are swarming all over the streets. hehe. With a matter of a second, unconsciously I find myself looking for an exercise demo tape. A muslim man offer me to try several DVDs that I was looking for. They've got my keywords. It's the "workout cd" which I was thinking all the time. lol. And that time on, I was struck by that dance demo tape. I don't really know if it really works for me but I will give it a try. After several test, negotiations and chats I decided to buy the cd called "Slenda". Though the title doesn't fit for me. awts. The thing is it is a 38 in 1 DVDs that will give me a choice of 30+ more of different exercise. That makes me excited to go home. I'm going physical now. hahhaha

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


By this few weeks my schedules are full. After several activities like my father's death anniversary, my sister's wedding and the town fiesta, my energy was getting low. So to heat me up my client gave me my task on Adwords. An online advertisement for online businessmen. At first I wonder how to get into the roof of this kind of system. That is why I tried my best to find a clue on how to learn adwords. Then I started googling. hehe. (That wouldn't be the exact term but I like it). Learning adwords is not an easy task. But definitely google provide much information about it. It has to be me that should be patient to find the real thing. To work it on. Since google provided the adwords learning center program, everything regarding controlling an adwords account is quite achievable.

Now I need to continue my task. hehe. Take care everyone!

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