Friday, March 7, 2014

The Legendary Debate: Love vs Money (Blaise Allaine V. version)

The best use of life is love. Thus, if I were to choose which is more important between money and love,it would be love.

Life is all about relationships. Everyday, we interact with our family at home or our friends and colleagues outside. This just mean that we need the attention of others as much as they need ours.

People would say that we need to be practical and so money is more important than love. But money is just temporary while love is eternal. Money may let us have the capacity to buy a lot of things but these things cannot give us the love we need. And yet, others would tell us that money can also buy love. I don't believe in this because love is not conditional. You have to love someone without asking for something in return. So, if money has made someone turn to you, it's not love but rather gratitude or paying back. In the long-run, money and wealth will just run out. But love, it always spring in our hearts and does not get any lesser even when you give or share it to others.

One thing also that we must be reminded about is the uncertainty of our death. On our last day, when we will just be lying in our final moments, it is not our money, jewelry, or any material possessions we want to be with but rather the presence, care and the love of the people we value and cherish the most. For it is the attention and the time people give us that we feel loved and cared. Although wealth and material possessions can grant us temporary delight, it cannot be compared to the happiness we feel when we are loved by the people we also love.

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