Thursday, November 22, 2012

Middle East CPA board exam

For those who failed to pass the Middle East CPA Board Exam, the following references were suggested:

Buy the review materials in Philippines
(1) TOA - Valix
(2) P1 - Valix, Uberitta or Siy
(3) BL - Soriano, Ampongan or Suarez
(4) Tax - Reyes, Tamayo or Ampongan
(5) MAS - CMA/CFM Reviewer, Bobadilla, or Agamata
(6) AP - Ocampo, Cabrera or Roque
(7) P2 - Dayag or Guerrero
(8) AT - Salosagcol, Cabrebra or Bobadilla

Get a copy of past pre-board materials from the different review centers.

For those with internet access, try PRTC's online review.

Merry Christmas.

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