Thursday, October 30, 2008

Phone Numbers Tracker

Sometimes we receive calls from unregistered numbers in our phone. Miscalls, prank calls or any other calls of unlisted numbers that we wished we should have known. What we do is call back or text back hoping to receive a good response but most of the time it would be a disaster. No one answers or the phone is open but nobody is talking. It's just that we hate being uninformed to what is happening. We need a clue and we need to know who's on the line. Maybe we wanted to track back missed important calls or even those unknown calls that might be a client. Similar to Canada's canada reverse phone directory that has been technologically equipped to track back calls. Thanks for saving our day and saving our calls. Now callers in Canada has a chance to know the information of the unwanted calls and miscalls.

How I wish to have something like this in Philippines. Its just that I have a lot of unknown texters that I wanted to know. Maybe sometimes soon this will become available in this country. I will hope and wait that time to come. ;)

Naruto Ninja Moves: Walk in the Water

Ninjas in Naruto series have learned how to walk in the water, trees or or hills by concentrating their chakra in their feet. Even Rock Lee(Naruto's friend) who hasn't develop any Ninjutsu or Genjutsu also develop a skill like this through daily practice and training. That was proven when Lee in the battle against Kisame(Akatsuki member, one of the antagonist in Naruto Shippuuden) have walk in the water in a scene. Rock Lee's perseverance have made him develop something for him as a ninja or even opened the 5 gates like no other shinobi's(naruto ninjas) are qualified to do such skills. Practice makes perfect and that is why he has able to do almost impossible thing. Practice makes him walk in the water.

But how come the man in this picture below who's not a ninja, don't know who Naruto is and don't have any plan to walk in the water have been able to walk in the water?

This is the biggest mistake of Jeraiya's theory that Naruto just need to concentrate his chakra in his feet to walk in the water. There is something in this man where no any Ninja in Naruto's world could ever explain. He was able to walk in the water barefoot.

Hinata: I see no chakra in this man's feet!
Neji : Wow! he was a true genius. His bloodline supersedes ours!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Ahoy! Booty From the Books

Reading a book is a lot of fun. It will bring us to a world of classic adventures, love stories or places that we may not even familiar. Stories that are quite reminiscing to evaluate the morals or important lessons in life. Though I haven't read books a lot but I know somehow books has a big contribution for our daily lives. Things that we might not notice or experience maybe taught when we read a book. The only thing we need to do is to scan all available books and choose those stories that will bring our interest. This is the way I think will help us finish reading a book. Go and get a book now!

Book swim has a wide range of books to choose from. They will provide books for rental and deliver your favorite books for free! The reader can keep the books as long as they wanted or even buy the books they loved. Anytime a reader could mail back the finished books top get new ones in the pool. And it's absolutely free postage!

The best thing is by reading this books a tree will born. Every time a reader will rent a book then the Book Swim personnel will eventually set a penny to plan a tree. That will add the pleasure of reading a book. We may learn a lot and save a tree as well.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Oh God I Hate the Rain. Its So Wet!

The wind blows into the window brings forth a cuddling loneliness into my soul. A cold breeze summons a wicked phantom that covers the lights and lay me no chance to cast my dagger of escape . My feet was locked with my whole body entangled by the pain that force me to close my eyes trying to escape from the reality. It's raining outside and I hate it because it's wet...

But why should I make an escape? Why shouldn't I face it? Why shouldn't I find my own weaknesses and turns it into a strength? I think that would be the key. Escaping the reality keeps me away from temporary sadness, loneliness and freedom but in the long run the scars will remind me the pain it takes. Therefore I have to make a choice or make my decisions in order to conquer that sadness and be back to time when I was loving the drops of the rain. Sounds crazy but I think its possible. My only tool is to have faith.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Intruders Alert! Hot Landlines Detected

Sometimes we receive some phonecalls that we don't even know who's on the line. It is very annoying to receive frank calls, wrong numbers or worst is the scums. We always wish that we already knew who was calling with the possible informations of that caller. In the site called Report Phone Numbers, people have been submitting telephone numbers that told exactly what that phone numbers is all about. By tracking this numbers with the reports people will become aware that this numbers should not be intertained or even better is to report to the authority if possible. A reverse lookup list of telephone numbers that will serve us the basis for the public awareness of illegal and unwanted activities in any phone calls.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

DOTA Hotspots in Davao

Have you ever played DOTA? Dota stands for "Defense of the Ancients" a custom game of Warcraft III the Frozen Throne. This multiplayer offline game that is idealy played by 10 players (5 per team) of two opposing teams under the two razes namely the sentinels and the scourge. A player will hold a powerful "Hero" in the quest of destroying the opponent's "Ancient" in which the players usually called it the Throne or the Base. The game will test the players' wits, strategy, endurance, team cooperation and the will to win in order to defend the throne and ravage the opponent's barracks. In turning every heroes' weaknesses into strength then surely the edge is there to win the game. What makes it exciting or addicting is the moment to beat a Hero or Heroes despite with a less powerful hero or just hunting alone that makes a big difference in the game. And the aftermath is a long stories of experiences in the game, on the players' ups and down which is worth to be discussed. That is why a player can't wait for the next time to clear where they got wrong or continue dominating. lol. I can't exactly explain this things my way. :D...

Anyway I will just tell you where to find cafes with challenging DOTA players networked to play in a multiplayer option. According to my research and my own experience playing this game it is good to visit Sequel, Boystrek and the late Urban Zone. Those were the major internet cafes in Davao with great DOTA players. For a little player info, Boystrek Jacinto has the QT team, which I think the greatest team there. Probably you already played with QT-a, QT-Zoe, QT-Burnzz and many more. awts! They sometimes visit in Sequel Jacinto so either way they are still the best in there. Then if you visit the sequel Obrero, there you will face your awful destiny. Names like Darknight, Lemon, Dopamine, Rice, Pao2 and many more will bring your name to downfall. Most of them are from USP. Then if you go to Sequel bonifacio there you find opaw and his friends. Just kick the name "batman" because he is quitter. hahaha. They were usually the students from UIC.If you go further somewhere in ilustre there you find a sequel and a boystek cafe right beside JS southmall. Great players from Davao Doc and Brokenshire college where also there. I think you will also be playing with Tzar, Chad, Tisoy and Cheeze. They are those players listed in the top category. You have no chance to win against them if you have not eaten two sack of rice in a week. nyahehe. Aside from those names there are also in the lower rank but still challenging individuals. Though I don't have the data about them. Further from Ilustre you will see Sequel Sandawa. The dinopol brothers will open the gate to chaos if you want to challenge in that cafe. Salvador and Angel Warrior was the legendary sequel players whose names have been a hero in the past dota year. They will not let you win until you were on your knees. hehehe. Ahmmn. Maybe I did not mention everything here but that is the most that I have known so far. In the far away land of Panabo maybe you will get a chance to play with Jigs. He was a young man that in history, defeated Roshan in 1 hit. That is how genius this man is. He used to bring Sven as a hero that will surely make your day. I will suggest not to go there if you don't want your days to be doomed. eh. Just a little hint. Sequel cafes were networked so that players will challenge each other whichever Sequel you are playing. So it is still reasonable not to go further if you want to challenge the players that I have said above. You may have a chance to meet them in a game room. But beware! 89% of Sequel's players are unknown and is prone to quitting. geeez.Till here!see you next time and have fun playing DOTA! gg

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Field Trip to Coca-Cola

When I was in grade school we get a chance to visit to COCA-COLA bottling company here in our place. That was a field trip experience to watch the actual processing of the softdrinks that we see almost everyday in most sari-sari stores. I was very excited that time since it is also a time to relax from school activities and see new things around. When we came to the place, I was really amazed what I saw a whole new world of high tech machines. There were small and big machines that processes all the requirements that made a single bottle of cola softdrinks. I saw the operators and quality inspectors who were busy watching the moving bottles and checking if there were deffects in the processed bottles that needs their attention. Since I was very young, then I find it a very cool place and I was very lucky to visit there.

While watching the machines, it came into my mind to examine the thing that made it move to really to the basic parts of it. Then I realize that all those moving materials were controlled by a big motor/generator to keep on rolling together with the large Belt Guides for the rolling "bottle ways". That will serve as a guide so that the bottles will stay in line going to the filling station. I am not so sure if that is how they called it but I was just describing the way I saw them. And in fact it is my first time to see those great machines that made those little softdrinks.

Afterall I then realize that there are respective machines specialize to create those materials that made the whole company moving. The motors and generators came from big electronics companies around the world that caters such specializations. And the Belt Guides came from different plastic companies all over the globe that offers customed plastic components for conveyors and machineries. One of them is the "Slideways" which has all the sophisticated machines like the CNC lathe or CNC machines that helps them build those products.

Halloween in Philippines

Back to Ka Noli's times in Magandang Gabi Bayan, that I was always anticipating horror episodes every last Sundays of October. Exciting stories that were also scary and makes me cover under my pillow. I don't know if MGB has still shows in abs-cbn with those Halloween specials but I guess there is still something like that to be showed in different shows this coming November. I remember stories near a cementery, in a balite drive or sometimes in an old school where unexplainable things happen and unknown creatures in the stories came out. Most of them scares me that I can't even slept at nights after thinking those creepy things that happened. I was wondering if those stories were happening in reality and not just made by human's creative minds but for me it is something to be afraid of.

In my humble opinion, though it is far from reality, these stories are basically a warning or a simple precaution to realize that we are not alone in this world. There were beings somewhere that were also dreaming of a peaceful life together with us. I can't say that they are harmful to us, if ever they were true, but I think they could do something to shut us up if we will be very abusive. The lesson there is to give respect to everyone around us regardless of their situations or what they are. It is very important to show everyone a respect because the world is not just owned by a single person like you. They maybe behind you and waiting for the right time to kick your ass when you act stupid that doesn't mind at all.

Hot Political Issues

Freedom is very important in a society. Everybody wants to be free. Despite the basic rules or regulations a man seeks a freedom to live a better life. It is a good thing that we have a freedom to speak. A freedom to let them hear our voices.

I notice that a certain forum in the internet that opens issues and discussions that openly talks anything from Hot political issues to the basic things that need to have a little debate. There are little rules but there is always a sense of freedom to speak of your opinions. To convey one's thought upon an issue give as an absolute freedom to bring ourselves into that situation. Whether it is good or bad it has something to offer and worth to be examined, to be given a direct conclusion into certainty.

So visit "Argue With Everyone Political Discussion Forum" and let them hear your voice.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Think Positive!

The first person to answer the question in the passage correctly in a comment will be rewarded with 50Php. hehe. Goodluck!

Once there was loving couple traveling in a bus in a mountainous area. They decided to get down at some place. After the couple got down at some place the bus moved on. As the bus moved on, a huge rock fell on the bus from the mountain and crushed the bus to crumbs. Everybody on board was killed. The couple upon seeing that, said, 'We wish we were on that bus'
Why do u think they said that?

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Web Hosting Ratings for Best Buys

To start a business online we all need to have a good hosting company. It is important that the company has all the features that we need to choose the best ones. The factors we need to know are the prices, space and the traffic to know the limits of the service they have. It is good to have an affordable one but it is best if the corresponding features that it will share to the users must comply all the criteria to help you build your business.

If the user has no idea about web developing or web designing the host company should have provided templates or tools with the guides to help the user build his own online business easily. The designs should be well made and costumer friendly that contributes to the success of every business. The database is also important and I prefer to have it mysql server. Other features are FTP access, unlimited email accounts and the 24/7 technical support to follow-up questions that the users may encounter. Another important thing to consider is the tools and tips to help the user optimize the site. Site optimization is very important since it is somewhat like a vein that will bring all the data into the brain. Streams of costumer info and orders will be pursued if the users will have a good search engine optimazition scheme. That will surely bring life into your business.

Suddenly if you have no idea about all this stuffs and you need to consider a data statistics to show rating of this company then web hosting rating company is there to help you. By clicking the link best web hosting , it will bring you to where to choose the best for your business. Also if you want articles to guide you and help you pick the right one then go to the article section of their pages. Another numbers of listings to choose from with all its benefits. Feel free to explore and make your choice.

Banana Split - Girls Please Don't Eat my Banana

Since our basketball season has ended a couple of weeks ago, last Saturday I did saw a glimpse of an episode of "Banana Split". A sexy comedy show aired in ABS-CBN every Saturday night at 9:30pm. Sexy girls were there like the lead stars Roxanne, Angelica, Christine, Diane, Princess and RR are no doubt the country's new line of "pantasya ng bayan". Though I find it with "semi-corny" punchlines but nevermind those points. From the cast's beautiful faces and seductive body it makes a whole pack of mouth watering banana split. o_0. An all star cast of Saturday night fever that will surely push the thermometer into the red spot.

The theme is all about sexiness with the corresponding wit and funny side of the actresses and actors. Similar to the concept of the GMA's bubble gang, the show has a promising depth of entertainment to the views of the audience. Bounded with the new sexy actresses with talent that will bring the curiosity of the audiences . The show isn't excellent so far but I think somehow it has an impact to the viewers. There is something in the show that is worth to watch. And I'm pretty sure that you already know what I mean. It is the actors and actresses made the difference in the show. I can't imagine how is this in the future but I believe that it will have a chance to show its potentials. Afterall it is the audience will rate the show and give judgment on how the show will last.

In my humble opinion the show isn't as good as what the bubble gang has proven. But I have only saw a part of it and not the whole episode. Maybe I have a different point of view on this. But I am quite sure that because of the cast's presence it will be a different story now. Guys will watch over it and surely love it. ;)

Google Calorie Calculator

Calorie calculator, a simple way to monitor you daily calorie intake, easily manage your diet and meals. Use the calorie calculator to see each meal's calorie details and sum up your daily total. Use the settings to see your recommended average daily intake

Most of us are getting conscious on what we eat for health reasons. By observing the balance diet and following the food pyramid we are in the good track for good health. One of the aspects that we've wanted to know is the amount of calorie we took everyday.

Dietitians has been recommending the low calorie intake and high energy expenditure for those who want to lose weight and the reverse to those who want to gain more weight. Regular exercise is one of the way for faster energy consumption. To check the energy intake we need to know the food we eat and calculate the equivalent calorie amount in that food. That is why it is important to have a calculator. Please refer below for the calculations.

Google Site Translator

This gadget will help the user to translate the content of their site into the other languages in the choices. Probably you want to know the Japanese version of your site or maybe the Spanish translations of your articles then try this gadget and it's a lot of fun!

Disclosure Policy

This blog is a personal blog written and edited by me. This blog accepts forms of cash advertising, sponsorship, paid insertions or other forms of compensation.

It also abides by word of mouth marketing standards, believe in honesty of relationship, opinion and identity. The topics or post made in this blog may received influence of the advertising content and will be clearly identified as paid post.

The owner always gives honest opinions, findings, beliefs or experience on those topics and products and it was purely owns by me. It does not contain any content which might present a conflict of interest.

This policy is valid from October 20, 2008.

Visit to get your own policy.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Back To School Promo

Ice cream time!...No it's taho time...Ohhhh no! it's a school bus.Ampf :(. I guess this is one of the nobel peace prize contender of 2008 for the best 3 wheel drive category. Someone sent me this pic to my email yesterday that caught up directly my attention. Before that I did not recognize this picture that it was a school bus because at first glance(since it is thumbnail size) it looks like a regular tricycle. But then I was really shocked that inside the bus there were kids with there bags at the top. Wooow. I wonder where their Nannies are. hehe. This is a real life school bus! Unfortunately it is small and I don't think I am allowed to take a seat to have a road trip. I hope this kids will still remember what they have studied last night after a short/long ride to school with this newly furnace 3 wheel drive.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Raising a Pet is a Fortune

I was thinking the benefits of having a pet. To raise a pet is a good fortune. Having a pet is like having a good companion that will be there for you when you are alone. A pet is a good listener. They listen to us wholeheartedly and they will surely love us despite our flaws and mistakes. Even though it is tough to have one, the benefit that you get is more than that of what you will expect.

Playing around with our pets is one of my favorite pastimes. Feeding them, cuddling our dog and cleaning their home is a good thing for me that bonds us together with my family. There is the feeling of happiness and satisfaction it brings on having them around. A pet will not judge us whatever it takes. Unlike to our human companions, sometimes there are instances that they will suddenly feel awkward to be with us because of what they have seen unto us that they don't like. There are time that they will even curse us because of what we have done. That is awful but that is also the reality. We can't change the fact that humans are not perfect and there is the possibility that they will threat someone like that. There is the differences. There is the incompatibility. That is why there is sadness. But bringing back to reality it is best to cope up things to our pets. None of them are capable of hurting our feelings. As a matter of facts the pets were a good medicine. By saving us from loneliness and bringing joy into our heart. Happiness that is shared with a true friend. A friend that will listen everytime we speak. A friend that will always be with you everytime you needed them. A friend that is worth our love and care. There is so much joy of having this pets around. Healing us our feelings of misfortune and downfall.

In every problem there is always a solution. Therefore we don't have to lose our hope when we falls down. Like a pet that will always be their for us. A pet is surely a fortune. They were there to listen when we need someone to talk to. Similar to a losing business there where thing, people or institutions that will be there to guide us a help us achieve our goals. Similar to the purpose of Heritage Web Solutions. They are the good companion who will always listen and provide us our needs for our online business. Always have faith and there will always be a way.

Sad Reality of Smoking

"Cigarette Smoking Can Kill You". This is one advisory that I have read in a certain pack of cigarette yesterday. Before I forget that was not I saw before. If I am correct that would have been " Cigarette smoking is dangerous to your health". I then realize that the government campaign against smoking is now getting intensive. Why would they do that?

I did a little research and find out something that might help the campaign against smoking. We all know that smoking not only shortens one's life, but may also make a daily life harder to manage in the old age. Most smokers are well aware that the habit really affects their health and will surely shorten their lives. But what they may not realized, that is so clearly evident in the following study, is that the effect of smoking in their everyday lives.

According to what I have read, A research of 1,658 men who were initially healthy from the ages between 40 and 55 at the start of the study. That time 37% said that the had never smoked, 39% were former smokers and the rest were current smokers. For more than 26 years, the majority of smokers eventually quit.

For the conclusion, the men who had smoke in middle age tended to die earlier. Heavy smokers in the middle age (20 or more cigarettes/day) died an average of 10 years sooner than those men who had never smoked. Smokers also have more problems with their physical conditions. They tend to have the difficulties of doing their daily activities like walking in short distances, climbing stairs, carrying groceries or as simple as bathing as they grew older. That is a very poor quality of life. Men who had quit smoking after the study's start did not catch up with never-smokers in terms of physical functioning. This is not a good news for smokers even those who quit after the middle age. However quitting will lower the risk of acquiring diseases that is caused by smoking. It is always beneficial to the health when smoking stops.The earlier in life a smoker can quit, the better, and the best choice, of course, is to never take up the habit.

In general smoking obviously can't kill instantly but it may cause illness that will kill a person in no time. :(. The government are trying to prevent the people from smoking but as long as the product is there then it is our responsibility for ourselves to stop what is not good for us. I hope every smokers will realize the risk and will force theirselves to stop smoking. And to those who haven't smoke yet, please be aware to the goverment's warning in smoking cegarettes. Good health to everyone!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Naruto Sage and Jewish Mourning

I have read the latest Naruto manga and it says that Naruto have developed a greater power by attaining the Ultimate Sage Technique. Gathering the natural energy and calmness of nature, naruto has become a better ninja or seemingly the best ninja of his age. He has been training for several years with challenging test of endurance or agility to build up his own characteristics and inner power. Now he is ready to defend his family,friends and the place where he grew up.

Similar to the Jewish funeral traditions in dealing with death, it is normally not the end of everything. Death is just the end of the preparations to a new journey that will test the greater you. For them the death of a person is viewed with dignity and respect. Like naruto after completing the training he was one of the important character that was expected to bring peace and freedom in their place. As he brought himself to a greater responsibility and bring in the natural power of himself in calm and righteous manner. Like the end of one's life. It is not very sad at all. The end of one's journey in this world is just a matter of ending the self preparations. We do not know what's next but we surely know that we are worthy and prepared to enter a new world where no one else is above us but our creator and ourselves. Death occur in everyone of us. For the Jewish, death is the representation of renewal and the funeral is the declaration of their utmost love and respect to that person. To them after death a body will retain it's natural sanctity that is why a funeral and mourning practices has a profound religious significance into their lives. This will be an important event that must have a preparation in a solemnly manner.

All of us were just passers by in this world. What we need to do is to live life as what it should be. No matter what the consequences are we don't have to surrender and give everything our best. Life is a test and it is good if we have pass all what it brings to you. Just always remember that there is someone above who is willing to light your way towards your journey. Godspeed!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Download YouTube Videos from Google Gadget

Watching youtube videos is most of the time very frustrating that slows down our internet connection. We all wish that the video must be downloaded and watch it offline. But we can't easily do that unless we have a good video downloader. But now a google gadget is here to help us do this things. By typing the url of the desired video in the box and by pressing the download button "Eureka!" the video is there. This device surely helps us makes streaming easier or more convenient. We have the luxury of having a fast internet connection while watching the video.

Writing Guide from google tool

Friday, October 3, 2008

Multifunctional Jacket

Fashion and usefulness are two things to consider when buying a gadget. It is our preference as a buyer to choose the best that fits to our personality and our basic needs. That's why developers are more focused on creating technologies that should have this criteria. Recently a company named Londefrey develop the io-jacket which is fashionably designed and at the same time installed with different useful features. Aside from its modern look it has stuffs like Bluetooth and built-in MP3 player that has a touch sensitive control pads. While comfortably wearing this jacket the user will be entertained of this MP3 feature. And the loading of files is easier since it is capable of bluetooth access technology and send files from other bluetooth driven equipments. But this is just the "icing on the cake". Its main feature is the compatibility with GPSoverIP. It uses a hybrid GPS technology which helps you to find the person wearing the jacket even inside any establishments. By uploading the information to a GPS capable mobile phones or by using the internet, it gives the receiver of the data an opportunity to observe or find the location of the wearer. Busy parents wants to check and track their kid's locations despite their busy schedules. And these jackets could be the solution.

The company Londefrey has just made one item for commercial purposes only. That was sold for humanitarian causes carrying out an auction in the purpose of saving money for the
"Humans for Humans"
foundation. We just have to sit and wait until it is officially out in the market.

I can't wait to have one in our office. Its too cold in here.$$$<----:(( I should have this but it is almost impossible. Not unless I will catch the Leprechaun!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Google Web Gadget

Pakapin na joke gikan sa Text:

Anak: Ma! Ma! si kuya naghikog sa banyo!

Mama: Ha!? (nidagan padulong sa Banyo)
Ikaw jud! ayaw pagbinuang ba!

Anak: Hehe... Joke!
Sa sala bitaw siya naghikog.

Mama: Ana ka!

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