Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Our Little Angel At Home

In The Beginning...

Is that you Kuya Kim?:)

Innocent mode na pud ang ako pag-umangkon. It runs into our blood. ;)

Well, an irresistible smile after breakfast under the bright sunshine.

After all this Baby boy was named Jon Earl Bernard "dOy" Villapaz Jumalon. A God's gift for my Detsi and her husband Tan2x. Bares his innocent smile, intelligent look and infinite charisma as natural as he is. hehe. He is very precious. Obviously I'm gonna miss this little guy here if ever our paths tend to stretch apart each other. But as the saying goes, "we don't have to worry, because we were still seeing the same sky anywhere". I'm still gonna be he's Handsome Tito forever. hahahaha. And it turns out that this is my blog. The End.

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