Thursday, February 26, 2009

Design Trade Shows

A certain game in Facebook caught my attention because it gives me time to relax and enhance my skill(if there's any) to design rooms, displays or furniture. The game called Pet Society offers you a chance to think of a design designated for the pet you have. It is actually a visualization of a real life human house but intended for dogs.

There are lots of similarities between the game and the site I've found. The camelback displays offers trade show displays,truss,logo floor mats and exhibit booths at a very affordable prices. Besides the affordability it also employs elegance and beauty for every piece of product they have.

In the pet society I created a rome of my own designs. A living room full of cabinets, a kitchen with all the utensils or anything I want it. Pet society is also similar to trade show displays. The bottomline is it is the design that counts. Once you go to camel back displays you will know and see exactly the real elegant pet society products. They all have different kinds of displays that helps companies exhibit trade shows. Camelback supplies all types of display and concert truss with varied uses for night clubs, concerts, displays, retail stores, special events.They offer custom truss, off the shelf truss packages and a lot more.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

How to Make a Mousehunt Stale Cheese

The image below was taken from my inventory page. I only owned 9 stale cheese in the moment for my test. Stale cheese was known to be one of the recipes to create an ancient cheese. Ancient cheese is an alternate cheese of Radioactive Blue Cheese to catch mice in the Burroughs region. Therefore it is important to make stale cheese if you don't have enough +SB in your account.

The conditions are:

1. Standby anywhere in the two suggested place, the Mausoleum or the Catacomb.

2. Use a superStale trap combos.

e.g. deathbot and the explosive base.

Sinister Portal, Rocketine or the Tacky Glue Trap is also good for the set-up. Elite players like Jigs Peligrino and Jacob Amanza prefer the Rocketine and explosive base set-up for this matter. The cheese is made everytime a turn will turn into stale. Make sure no mouse will attrack to your trap or else it will cripple you big points or steal your golds. Too bad! tsk tsk tsk.

In my humble opinion, based from the stat, the sinister portal has an advantage among the traps. Because it has n/a attraction rate and n/a luck which means less chances of getting any attention of different type of mice whether it is a physical type or a shadow type. ;)

3. Relax! Chill! Drink Beer. Visit houses in Pet Society. Coffee Break. Finish your task quota. Hekhek

Stale Cheese ( x9 )
Dried up morsels of cheese are often the result of traps made with harmful chemicals.

Love Search Engine

Like Google search there is also a search engine for love. The passion search is the place wherein people at different places could find their partners, friends and someone to hang out with. This is the alternate place to find your love and passion.

As Christians we often consider different types of love. Namely the storge, philia,eros and the agape. Ok for a little recap storge is the love for the family. Often it is unconditional and unreciprocated. That is the kind of love of a mother to her child. Or any member of the family to his or her relatives. Second is the Philia which is the love to friends. Clearly this kind of love is conditional. This is the so called chosen love. We choose our friends. We choose whom to follow and whom to be with with regards to social or cultural aspects of an individual. Third is the Eros. This is the love often results to intimacy. Though sometimes it could be unconditional but most of the time it is conditional. Nowadays this kind of love has been resulted to premarital sex and unwanted babies. lol. But this is not always the case. Eros is the passionate feeling of romantic attraction to one another. This is how a man or a woman "fall in love" where both can't decide the what they will feel. It is passionate that no one else could realize the true feeling. Third is the Agape. This is the love to serve others. This love is uncoditional. According to scriptures this is how Jesus loves us. He died on the cross to redeem the world. This love is the ideal love that we should have in our hearts and in our mind.

Now a new place to search your love online is here, absolutely "FREE". Registered user can choose any geographical locations to point out their preferred place to find someone to talk to or maybe to become a match. The passion search community is a good place to meet new friends or people of different cultures. They exactly knew the way a love search engine should be.


Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Today Is Ash Wednesday...Simba Ta :D

Hey Guys! I just want to remind all the Roman Catholics that today Feb. 25, 2009 is the Ash Wednesday. As Roman Catholic or as Christian this is the day of repentance and the beginning of the Lenten season. A good day to say sorry to our sin,faults and imperfections. Though this is not necessarily just the only day to do the repentance. Any person at any time, regardless of the religion and beliefs can say sorry for the sins they have done. To emphasize the essence of the celebration, this is the day to reflect on what have happen to the past, our failures, our troubles, why we encounter hindrances and anything that reveals our weaknesses. The ash is the symbol of our penitence. We came from the ash and we will go back to ash; as the word from the Bible have once said. Be thankful to God for he is the redeemer. He loves us unconditionally despite our sin. He is willing to forgive. He is ready to accept us back into his arms as his beloved children.

So maybe this afternoon I'm gonna go to church. This is a once in a year routine where I always try not to miss.

By the way I already found the schedule of Ash Wednesday of the following years:

* 2009 - February 25
* 2010 - February 17
* 2011 - March 9
* 2012 - February 22
* 2013 - February 13
* 2014 - March 5
* 2015 - February 18
* 2016 - February 10
* 2017 - March 1
* 2018 - February 14
* 2019 - March 6

See you then!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Bye, Bye BeeFlex

I haven't mention anything here about our work-out routine. Days ago we were enrolled at the beeflex somewhere in Davao Doctor's Hospital for our daily execise. Together with my officemates Rodney,Richard,Clent,Kurt and Jeremy we have our afternoon sessions in the gym. And now it will be the last week of our contract in the BeeFlex. We were planning to transfer to another location for another set of experiences and to compare their equipments. Actually my seatmate Rodney is the one researching on the best place for us to workout. He found out that Smashville has better equipments, facilities and set of views(whew)than the other gym around the city. He also realized that the said institution offers a promo price that is quite a good offer for us. So as we ended up our 1 month session in Beeflex, we are now about to enroll at the new and exciting gym the Smashville. Looking forward to see new things around. I can't wait to see the

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Even Cigarette Smokers are Under Crisis

The picture above is a simple presentation on how hard is the people's lives nowadays. Smokers who can't quit smoking are doing this options. :P.(Over emphasizing Filipinos are aware that economic crisis is happening all over the country and all over the world. There are companies and industries that have been affected by such economic downfalls. Recently different companies are engaged to worker layoffs due to a very low demand of resources and services, in which was termed as recessions. Several companies all over the Philippines are vulnerable to worker layoffs to lessen company expenses. In the record, semiconductor companies are the most affected industry that was really suffering the economic crisis.

Here are the list of companies described as "most vulnerable" to worker layoffs:

Texas Instruments (Phils.) Inc.
NXP Semiconductors Philippines Inc.
Rohm Electronics Philippines Inc.
Intel Technology Philippines Inc.
Epson Imaging Devices (Phils.) Inc.
NXP Semiconductors Cabuyao Inc.
Samsung Electro-Mechanics Philippines Corp.
Ibiden Philippines Inc.
Sanyo Semiconductor Manufacturing Philippines Corp.
Shin Heung Electro Digital Inc., San Technology Inc.
Analog Devices Gen. Trias Inc., Ionics EMS Inc.
Nikko Materials Philippines Inc.
SIIX Logistics Philippines Inc.
Pricon Micro-Electronics Inc.
Dyna Image Corp. Philippines, First Sumiden Circuits Inc.
Cypress Manufacturing Ltd.
Fujitsu Die-Tech Corp. of the Philippines
Vishay (Phils.) Inc. and SB Flex Philippines Inc.
Allegro Microsystems Philippines Inc.
Katolec Philippines Corp.
Fairchild Semiconductor (Phils.) Inc.
MD Tech Phils. Inc., Fuji Electric Philippines Inc.
Daeduck Philippines Inc.
ON Semiconductor Philippines Inc.
Nanox Philippines Inc.
Sanyo Capacitor (Phils.) Corp.
Rohm Mechatech Philippines Inc.
P. Imes Corp.
NEC TOKIN Electronics (Phils.) Inc.
Tong Hsing Electronics Phils. Inc.
Poongsan Microtec Philippines Inc.
AMI Semiconductor Philippines Inc.
ISPL (Phils.) Inc.
Orient Semiconductor Electronics Philippines Inc.
Yu Jin Optical Electronics Inc.
PerkinElmer Optoelectronics Philippines Inc.
Analog Devices (Phils.) Inc.
SMK Electronics (Phils.) Corp.
Toshiba Information Equipment (Phils.) Inc. and Panasonic Communications Philippines Corp.
Fujitsu Computer Products Corp. of the Philippines
Samsung Electronics Philippines Manufacturing Corp.
TDK Fujitsu Philippines Corp.
Hitachi Global Storage Technologies Philippines Corp.
Wistron Infocomm (Phils.) Corp.
Calamba Shinei Industry Philippines Corp.
Hoya Glass Disk Philippines Inc.
Mistumi Philippines Inc., Nidec Subic Philippines Corp.
Sanyo Denki Philippines Inc.
Shindengen Philippines Corp.
Aikawa Philippines Inc.
Trends and Technologies Inc.
Fujitsu Ten Corp. of the Philippines
Panasonic Manufacturing Philippines Corp.
Sony Philippines Inc.
Sharp (Phils.) Corp.
Muramoto Audio-Visual Philippines Inc.
Clarion Manufacturing Corp. of the Philippines and Nippon Antenna (Phils.) Inc.

Source :

Hopefully we could overcome this crisis as soon as possible and recover things that we have been before. Saying this isn't as easy as doing this. But with the faith to God, unity, patriotism and perseverance we would definitely survive this challenge.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Dota Enigma DarchRow

Dota is one of my favorite offline games. That's why from time to time I used to post something about Dota heroes and strategies. Although I am not as good as other players around, somehow I can share my ideas on how to win a game.

Based from the latest dota versions 6.58-6.59c , Enigma the Darchrow brought me an interest. I find it easy to handle and easy to dominate taking advantage of the new changes of his skills.Though not everybody is aware that Enigma is kind of "Buggy" with this recent versions. To start with, I'm gonna tell you about the Conversion(second skill) new tricks. With the new versions, Enigma's Eidolons(converted creep) seem to have a bigger attack damage or maybe faster attack speed. That sound a killer start for me. Also another advantage of Conversion is the new converting scheme of the skill. Enigma can convert the opponent's creeps into Eidolons with the additional gold bonus. Similar to the "hand of midas", but still converted the creeps into 3 Eidolons and kill the converted creep. Or consequently it will deny a converted creep from the batches of your own creeps.The key is to convert the opponent's creeps into gold and strengthen the enigma's pushing ability that will bring an early game push situation. I have to emphasize the Eidolon's killer instincs. Careless enemies will surely die if he/she don't know the eidolon's attack power.

Demonic Conversion:
Splits any non-hero unit into three Eidolons, killing the targeted unit.
Eidolon's can duplicate themselves once whenever they attack 6 times.

My item builds are 2 tangos, 3 ironwood branch and 5 clarity potions. Until as early as level 7 I could have the Boots of travel for escaping. lol. Then next to that will be the dagger of escape,Radiance,Heart of Tarrasque, Sange and Yasha and Lothar's Edge.

By the way my skill build is somewhat a pusher type:

malefice ...etc etc etc

/GG :P...Warriors ka boy??? ahaha

See the Future Prophesy

Nowadays we face a lot of challenging issues all over the world. Crisis, calamities and recessions are examples of the ordinary obstacles in our lives that we need to overcome. from hereon we need some clues on what would happen next. For the reason that whatever the difficulties are we will get the chance to prepare ourselves to the worst case scenarios.


Today the I Prophesy: The Future Revealed is a documentary anthology series from VisionTV, that covers some predictions of the present day oracles.

Produced for VisionTV by some of Canada's leading independent production companies, these half-hour documentaries combine artful dramatizations, imaginative CGI sequences, and interviews with world renowned scientists, authors and intellectuals: from award-winning Canadian science fiction author Robert J. Sawyer, to influential futurist Ray Kurzweil, to self-described "skeptical environmentalist" Bjorn Lomborg.

Few questions would come into our mind. How will be our society, our culture and our environment changes in the years to come? Are we prepared to the new era of human evolutions and technological advancements? Some questions that makes us think of the future.

The I Prophesy documentaries consider some of the possible futures that await us: from a world in which humans live for a thousand years, revealing the unknown future to doomsday scenarios in which our civilization is erased by asteroid collisions or epic floods.


Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Decrypting Sex Hormones

Did you ever wonder why sometimes we feel like a meek kitten, spiritless or tame? While on some occasions we feel excited like a sex goddess and a passion guru. That is how hormones drives our emotional feeling to something, to a situation and to someone. Hormones like Oxytocin which was referred as the love hormone contributes the feeling of infatuation. The Testosterone which is the libido driver gives us the urge of heavenly highness.

These hormones were also the reason why we feel nervous, uneasy and cold while approaching someone that we find attractive. Hormones are working to our body to this particular moments, which gives lovers the endeavor to express their love and lust. Turning the first glance into a lasting relationship characterize with overflowing and satisfying sex life.

"A set of male and female hormones generated in our body at different stages of a relationship play a vital role in making or marring our sex drive, libido or sexual desires,"
said, Dr Pankaj Aggarwal , a Delhi-based endocrinologist.

Now here are little fact about the libido-governing hormones that constitutes the major recipe of our sex life:

1. Testosterone:

Needless to say this is the first stage of love(for :p) which is pure lust and the final performance in bed. The landmark of the relationship which was driven by this hormone. So everytime your eyes meet someone attractive, the body secretes testosterone,while the mind feels "in Love".

Known to be the male hormone, testosterone governs libido and performance in males to a larger extent. But, a generous helping of this male hormone is also produced in women to improve their sexual desire, arousal and sexual response. "Note that high levels of testosterone alone doesn't result into a higher sex drive, it needs to be a combination of hormones working together," adds Aggarwal.

Testosterone killers

Weight gain, particularly around the waistline
Chronic conditions like high blood pressure, high blood sugar and elevated blood lipids.
Alcohol suppresses the production of testosterone, so keep a tab on your booze binges.

Testosterone boosters

maintaining a healthy and stress free lifestyle

A handful of almonds, peanuts or walnuts each day keep your testosterone levels high.
If your endocrinologist feels the need, he/she can prescribe external testosterones in the form of pills, or a transdermal patch or injection.

The bottomline is whatever we feel, we must be very careful and we should realize that we are the one responsible to our actions. Lastly, love must not be disregarded in every relationship. It could be the important recipe of a good and healthy relationship. Who knows? (sorry I am not an expert I was just telling what I think is right)

Monday, February 16, 2009

Eyeglasses of Fashion

There are lot of associations on wearing eyeglasses. People that wears eyeglasses are commonly regarded as geeks. Which is characterized as nerd, stupid,irritating and unattractive person. That is why most of the time, although important, we tend not to wear eyeglasses with these reasons.

But we can't deny the fact the wearing eyeglasses is a wonderful way to provide a clear sight for people with vision problems. So this is the best time to be innovative. Companies that manufacture eyeglasses are associating eyeglasses to fashion that will tend to improvise the usability of the item. Latest innovations and designs are considered to convert those "geeky" eyeglasses into a fashionable one. My favorite eyeglasses in the image below is a medium size acetate full-rim frame with design on temples. For me this has been my best choice of eyeglasses because it has a collaboration with the incredible hulks personality that will provide us a stronger and greater aura.

Similar to Zenni Optical's list of eyeglasses. There should be the goal. The goal to become a better you. The set of eyeglasses will bring the best in you. Zenni has been the best in eyeglasses design, best fits and best prices to offer. Giving out the best for everybody. Eyeglasses should not just be for vision purposes but should also be to boost your confidence. Definitely not to bring yourself down but to give you the edge to become a better being despite the problems in vision. Now every user that owns this eyeglasses could have a strength of incredible hulk to persevere, have self confidence and to have the stronger personlity. And with Zenni everything is budget wise. Incorporating the strength of a superhero, the fashion of the best models and the mind of a genius everything goes right for you.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

SpiderMan's True Identity Revealed

Spiderman 4 "The Revelation" is coming this 2009! The friendly neighborhood will visit you house to house to collect your "Lamaw".hehe :P

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Stealth Squads - Anbu Moves | Proxy Servers

This post have no connection to Naruto but I included a picture of the ANBU squads in the Naruto characters. Since my topic is about proxy sites,the ANBU team is the best comparison for declaring to all the list of prominent proxy site.

I assume most of us are familiar to proxy servers. As an overview, this site will help us access websites anonymously or access blocked websites (Like Friendster in school or offices) Proxy sites will hide the IP address that we are using and use their own IP address to access the sites we want to visit.

Few reasons why we have to use Proxies:
  • Hide IP and access webpage anonymously
  • Access blocked website (most important reason I think ;))
  • To access websites that was only accessible to a specific geo locations or countries
  • to check whether DNS changes are propagated to all countries

There are hundreds of web proxies available on the internet.I've only here the list of the most popular and reliable proxies.

THanks and Enjoy Surfing!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Love Search

Love is on the air. Valentines is coming, almost everyone is getting ready for surprises,gifts and parties. Lovers are all around, hanging around preparing themselves. Love has been the most remarkable feeling for everyone to become busy this days.

Although some people can't find their partners. Some people are looking for someone to be with. Someone to give them inspiration. Special someone to love, other than the families they have. The love the enchants every people that has been doing extraordinary things for love. These people are gathering at the same place. The place where love is always on the air. I am talking about LDS chat
where chatters around the world joined the Latter Day Saint Chatroom. This is where the greatest valentine's has been celebrated. Find your partner now and join the network for free!

Happy Valentines!

Monday, February 9, 2009

How to Make Up When you have Forgotten your Girlfriend's B-day

It could be a "mortal sin" when you forget your girlfriend's birthday. War started. Chaos will reign upon the earth once it's done... Sometimes this fact could happen to you. What you need to do now is to "prepare for awesomeness". hehe.

So let's get started.First thing to do here is to forget about making excuses. You have to agree with her that you screwed up, and admit it once and for all. Sincerely apologize ,say sorry, cuddle and play dead...lolz. Kidding aside, you really have to lost your pride. That's the only way not to get the fire started.

Next, get ready to do the first set of crucial moves. Tactically speaking Zugzwang should be the last move, but let's get it on. You need to sacrifice some piece now. Zugzwang must come in...Ahmn. What you should to is to take her out. Go shopping with her, plan on watching a movie together and finally take her for a nice and cosy dinner. Hmmmn. Hopefully this should work. :(

For the finale, take a good look at her and compliment her on how nice she looks in the lovely dress that she is wearing. Jeeeez. (This is troublesome!)

Or wish you were dead now. lolz. :P

Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Meatless Pugna

Dota players are very familiar with this little creepy doll walking in the battle ground. Pugna indeed is not as strong as other ace heroes. He has low HP, not a stunner and low damage. Besides he is one of the meatless clans of heroes( aside from Clinx and King Leoric). But somehow Pugna could be a great hero. In versions 6.58 and 6.59 pugna is one of the best heroes I ever played. Shhhh it seem a bug has been crawling all over this versions.

What I was trying to tell you are pugna's strength in the battlefield. In the versions above Pugna could be very powerful depending on the player's build. For my experience playing this hero he has done all the best for a team play. Pusher,stopper,hitter and support at the same time.

Ok let's get started. I wanna let you know where the bug is. Pugna's nether blast is at max when it reaches to level 3 and slow's down at level 4. So the trick is let it stay at level 3. I have observed this phenomenon when I throw the nether blast to 1 set of creeps that killed the ranged creep behind. That seem a greater damage compared to a normal 250 damage of his level3. That is why I use the skill to "spam" and earn gold at the beginning of the game.

Therefore what I did was... Nether blast, Stat,Nether blast, Stat, Nether blast, Stat,life drain etc.

By the way I bought a lot of clarity potions for a longer stay in the field. I didn't have any healing potions like tango or any healing items. In behalf of that I just use my life drain to the creeps. So in early game I've got radiance and strenght type power treads. That would give me a better HP and an attacker type of hero. Here's the clue. Nobody can beat him without stunning or silencing. So choose those opponents that is not capable to this. Or if ever they are, use the timing to now interfere the plan of pawnage.

Basically in the game I have Radiance,STR type power treads, Heart,SNY,Guinsoo,Lothars. LOlz

GG guys!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Ponds Cold Cream- JOke

Joke Gikan Sa Text

Bata: Nay nganu gapahid man ka ug ponds cold cream?

Nanay: Para mugwapa nak.

Taod-taod gitrapuhan sa nanay ang cream sa iyang nawong ug tissue.

Bata: Surrender na ka nay?


Nanay: pak-u nimu nak!

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