Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Virus Alert! - Postcard From Hallmark

There's a warning from our Admin that a worst virus which was announced by the CNN appear throughout the world wide web. They told us to avoid that certain email that contains the virus.That virus which is I think named 'Postcard' was a very dangerous computer virus that simply disable the ZERO Sector of the Hardisk ,where the vital information is kept. Ampf!It has been classified by Microsoft as the most destructive virus ever. It is a virus which opens a postcard image that ‘burns’ the whole hard disc C of your computer(say goodbye to Maria Ozawa).:). This virus will be received from someone who has your email address in his/her contact list. And it might be forwarded to you and to anywhere else.

This virus was discovered by McAfee and there's no way yet to clean or eliminate the virus. Though many anti-virus systems attempted to conduct repairs but for now it not yet possible. The best way is just to avoid the virus and tell your friends and families online.

You should avoid emails with titles "POSTCARD FROM HALLMARK". There is an indication from the email that it has attachment in which when you click and open, the virus will then attack or spread to your system.

In my humble opinion it is best to shutdown your computer when you see the virus..;).woot!woot!woot!Virus Alert!

Virus Database: 270.4.7/1541 - Release Date: 08/07/2008 19:50

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Philosophy of Life-through dogs

We are living with purpose and at the same time anything in this world were also here with purpose. Like the dogs. Most of the time they were man's best friend. Our companion, our guide or even our mentor. In fact here are few lessons that we should realized and learn from a dog.

If you stare at someone long enough, eventually you'll get what you want.
- It's either by scaring that person or pity on you,you look like a beggar or a puppy.

Be direct with people... let them know exactly how you feel by peeing on their shoes
- lol. Sometime we need to be "ksp" to attract anybody's attention. Peeing?Try it once! I think
it's effective.

Be aware of when to hold your tongue, and when to use it.
- You should know your ground. It is better to behave if unsure.
" Pag sure wui!"

Always give people a friendly greeting -- a cold nose in the crotch is effective
- Yes it's cold and comfy. Everybody love's it. :P.

If it's not wet and sloppy, it's not a real kiss.
- This is the "passion of the kiss". geeez.

The dog above is my Ate's beloved dog. His name is Cumi from the word cumulus which is a cottonlike cloud(because he is white). He is 9 y/o with a big mouth and teeth.He's part of our family and we love him as much as my ate do love him. Though sad to say that we can't let him out from his house since he's not good at entertaining visitors. You might look like a fried chicken for him. hehe. But nevertheless he is one of the most important "person" that made our home a home. ;)

Tech DYoks

-100% pinoy-

Japanese archaeologist digging 100m down found copper wire.
"Our great ancestors of 1000 years already had telephone!"

American dug 200m and found optical cable.
"My God! This means our great forefathers already had broadband 2000 years ago."

Pinoy digs 500m and found nothing.
"ang lupit ng mga ninuno natin WIRELESS!" :P

-Surveillance Camera-

Lolo: Sauna akong 5 pesos inig adto naku sa department store makakuha na ko ug gatas,pan,yosi,medyas ug polo nga maong.

APo: Karon diay lo?

Lolo: Lisod na karon kay naa na silay surveillance camera. :p

That's all folks!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Have you ever played chess? Here's a little introduction of the game.

Chess is one of the most popular game in Philippines. We see people playing chess in many different corners like barbershops, tailoring, machine shops or even in terminals. Here in Davao City, you can find great chess players in Quezon park along Claveria. There you can see some popular personalities of chess that played several tournaments throughout the country or even in the world.

The game is the oldest skill game in history. From the look of pieces in the set it is something about the people in the medieval age. The way how to play the game is a kind of miniature representation from the history of medieval times. I guess this is how they practice and plan a strategy for a war that time.

Then from what I heard in "Maayong Buntag Mindanao" this morning, chess was originated in India. Then it goes to Persia until it reaches the different places in the world. But somehow it is very popular in Russia where great players like Garry Kasparov(World Chess Champion) came from.

Ahmmnn. we should not mind them they were the greatest and what we need is just the basic. hehe. So first...

The chess algebraic notation:

For those who want to use chess books, you need to learn the notation first. From the figure above you can see letters a-h(horizontally) and numbers 1-8(vertically). For the pieces' movements the codes will be the guide on how to determine the next location of a piece. Say for example (from the figure) the white's pawn. That second location will described in the books as Pe2-Pe4. Another example is the white's bishop. From the figure it could be described as Bf1-Bb5. Probably it is easier to understand when you have the guide above. Anyway more practice and you can perfect the notation.

Introducing the pieces:

PAWN - Then pawn is the least powerful piece because of it's poor mobility. It only scores 1 point of quality. There are 8 pieces of pawns in a player and this is arranged along the second row at your side (from your opponents viewpoint). It may move only one square forward if its path is not blocked. However, it may move as an option one or two squares forward on its first move only. It may capture only diagonally one square. It may not capture forward. It may not move backward. The lowly Pawn usually does not last long, but if it is able to reach the 8th row or rank, then it can promote itself to any other piece except the King. A Pawn thus promoted is replaced by that piece. Therefore, it is possible to have more than one Queen, or two Rooks, Bishops, or Knights on the board at one time.

HORSE/KNIGHT-The Knight is nearly as powerful as the Bishop not because of its range, but because it is the only piece that can hop over other pieces in an L-shaped path. This ability makes it particularly powerful in the early stage of a game when the board is crowded with pieces.

BISHOP-The Bishop is a powerful piece because it can move to any square along its diagonals as long as its path is not blocked.Its range is the source of its power. More often a combination of Bishop and the Queen is the deadliest to hunt the King.

ROOK-The Rook is a very powerful piece because it can move to any square along its file or row as long as its path is not blocked. For me this is the best guardian of the king together with the pawns while castling.

QUEEN-The Queen is the most powerful piece because she can move to any square in any direction as long as her path is not blocked. Her range and the ability to attack many pieces an once are the source of her power.But somehow it has no ability to move L like the knight.

KING- The King is the most important piece.When it is trapped so it cannot move without being captured, then the game is lost. This trap is called checkmate. The King can move one square in any direction. A King can never move into check, or onto a square where it can be captured by an opponent's piece. If a King is not in check, and no other legal move is possible, then the position is said to be in stalemate. A stalemated game is a draw, or a tie.

That's it and more to come. By the way in my humble opinion the best chess players I've seen so far in Eversun Davao were Ice "Isis" Lahora(day shift), Wilmer "Pappy" Timbal(night shift), Henshin "Henry" Rebirth(day shift) and Christian Ray "Edu Manzanu" Dinopol(Night Shift). You might want to ask them anything about chess later. Or you may want to challenge any of them. I'll warn you that you should show your best move. They were definitely not as easy as me as an opponent. The first thing to do before challenging them is to read the best books in chess history to have a chance against them. They were once the greatest players in Davao City history. Ayt!

Thursday, July 17, 2008


If you're smart enough, try to be an idiot first. ;). Please wait for atleast 5 seconds, it's loading.tik tak tik tak...

Kindly reload the page if it won't finished loading.
Also left click to the figure once if needed.

In my humble opinion this is funny and challenging. Idiocy will set us free from stress. lol.

Oops!I'm just at the "Borderline Idiot" level.wahaha.:( What's yours? I'm gonna beat you anyway. :D Good Luck and have fun! GG ;)

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Naruto Manga is Dominating

I am one of the avid fans Naruto the anime and manga series. For the latest manga episodes the fights gets even better and dominating. The character's already developed some skills that makes the story more exciting. Also the revelations of the the twists of the story and the hacking of the code that was sent by Jeraiya. What was it? Hmmmn. That seems so important to win Naruto's fight against Pein.Whatever it is that is worth a wait this coming

Also Sasuke's power has improved to a higher level. The new formation of his sharingan is so cool. Clink the link below to see the scene.

Searching for the 8-tailed monster

Also can't wait the fights of Shikamaru, Shino or Gaara for the future episodes. They've grown up so much in the shippuuden.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Falling In Love to a Friend

Have you tried falling in love to your friend? How did it turn out? Most of the time a scenario like this always happens when a man and a woman were childhood friends. Technically a friendly neighborhood. You've known each other for many years. You've been through everything and anything together and basically know everything about each other. About each others past and present experiences. Sharing thoughts or matters and facts of what life that both of you have been through.

For many years your feelings towards that someone has been developed, that friendship is not just a mere friendship but rather a feeling of affection and admiration. You fall in love with her. You got jealous when she was on the phone with someone else, you hated all her boyfriends, and you thought your world revolved around her. All you wanted to do with your time was be with her.

Eventually you decided to confess your feeling towards her. You told her basically everything what you felt in sincerest manner. But the fact that you were friend or bestfriends is something of a barrier that somehow stop you from getting over her. The question is...Is it ok to fall in love to a friend?

In my humble opinion,I think it's just fine as long as the condition fits into the situation. If she also felt the same way and you were both out of a certain relationship. And it is better if the friendship will stay within the relationship. Comment. ^_-.hahay lisoda mangita ug topic sa blog oi.hahaha. :p

Coffee Award to My Fellow Bloggers

For the hardships, efforts and of the unending and challenging quest of posts in the world of bloggers I'd like to present to you this award...The cup of coffee award.

to the following bloggers.

* AICE only for you
* Angelic Touch of Darlyn
* Blogging Lemonade
* Bukhayo ni Hakob
* Cinderella's Closet
* Jean's Colors
* Joy and Yui's Emotions
* Pagtuki ni Jigo
* Raquel's Life and Love

What you have done deserves a great reward as a recognition. In the society, you all become the inspiration for the future generations of bloggers. I know you will not definitely just end here. So just wish you all more energy,good health and beautiful mind to continue with your journey in the world of blogs and be a model for everybody. May God Bless Us All! and Congratulations!...Pa cheeseburger ka naman! Burger,Burger,Burger!hehehe

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Obstacles?Face It

In life every problems or difficulties are not meant to let us down but instead it helps us carry our loads and make us stronger. These hindrances were just trials to test us our faith and to help us realized that after our biggest effort there is something good that happens to us. As what the saying says "after a rain there is always a rainbow". Here is a simple simple story.

In ancient times, a king had a boulder placed on a roadway. Then he hid himself and watched to see if anyone would remove the huge rock. Some of the king's wealthiest merchants and courtiers came by and simply walked around it. Many loudly blamed the king for not keeping the roads clear, but none did anything about getting the big stone out of the way. Then a peasant came along carrying a load of vegetables. On approaching the boulder, the peasant laid down his burden and tried to move the stone to the side of the road. After much pushing and straining, he finally succeeded. As the peasant picked up his load of vegetables, he noticed a purse lying in the road where the boulder had been. The purse contained many gold coins and a note from the king indicating that the gold was for the person who removed the boulder from the roadway. The peasant learned what many others never understand.

Every obstacle presents an opportunity to improve one's condition. Don't problem your problems, cause your problem might problem you. -_^

Friday, July 11, 2008

Optimal Word Count in Anchor Text

As we all know anchor text is one of the most important thing in link building. It is the way to the viewer know what they will expect after clicking the link. Instead of simply putting "CLICK HERE" from the link it is better to write the keyword for the key phrases. As a matter of fact as you can see from the Google pages anchor text are fairly applied for there links.

If you want to know where in the code is the anchor text then you can refer here:

Anchor text usually gives your visitors useful information about the content of the page you're linking to.

It tells search engines what the page is about. Used wisely, it boosts your rankings in search engines, especially in Google.

When we say we want to rank high from the keyword " My Blog Post ", then it is good to use "My Blog Post" for the link rather than "CLICK HERE" or "NEXT".

There are also discussions that asking what is the appropriate numbers of words that is allowable to make the link look presentable or as they say the link is not "diluted". We don't have the copy of Google's algorithm or for any other search engine but on my opinion it is better to limit the number of strings that we are going to use. For me three words is enough to know what your link is all about. And it also looks more presentable. Also you may use the string from those who link towards you as a keyword of the link. Generally use anchor text more often in linking because it is one of the factors the Search Engines are looking.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Lights, Camera , PBA Action!

This happens last Wednesday, July 9, 2008 at PBA Fiesta Conference elimination round. Around 5 minutes and 40 second of the 4th period a collision between Terrence Leather(Talk and Text) and Jondan Salvador(Purefoods) has started the spark that brought the whole coliseum into tension. After several bumps both players are in heat until such time a foul was called against Leather who happens to be on the defense position. Then the action has begun. That time Leather(with the ball) can't control his emotions and he throws the ball into the head of Salvador. As the players and all the PBA staff saw what happen, they eventually crowded the court until such time James Yap (Purefoods) find the opportunity to kick Leather's leg as a revenge for Salvador. Right after the kick, Yap with his instinct felt the danger and ran knowing that Leather is going after him. LOL. Players and staffs were there to stop Leather from attacking James Yap especially Ali Peak(TnT- He also loves boxing.Shhh!). After all series of events has been involved.

For summary (an Olympic event):

- Basketball TNT VS Purefoods
- Dodge Ball Terrence Leather VS Jondan Salvador
- Wrestling Ali Peak VS Enrico Villanueva
- Sepak Takraw James Yap VS Terrence Leather
- 100m dash James Yap
- UFC Kerby Reymundo (He's not actually figthing,he's the coach and
surrender by throwing the white towel).LOL

Watch the Video--> Click Here

PBA commissioner Sonny Barrios and his technical staff reviewing the tape and finally came to a decision. Despite what happened Terrence Leather was allowed to play the game tonight, July 11, 2008 against Sta. Lucia Realtors.

...and the penalties for the involved players:

Terrence Leather - 64,200 Php (escaped from suspension)
James Yap - 50,000 Php
Enrico Villanueva- 33,000 Php
Kerby Raymundo - 30,000 Php
Rob Sanz - 28,000 Php
Jondan Salvador - 1,000 Php
Kalani Ferreria and Gilbert Lao - 20,000 Php (each for leaving the Talk n Text bench
and rushing to the court during the commotion.)

Afterwards there were reactions that James Yap is now the local version of Carmelo Anthony of NBA.

- National team since highschool
- Leads their respective team to won several Basketball leagues
- Drafted High
- MVP contenders
- High average points per game
- Have issues/scandals offcourt
- Both punched/kicked their opponents and run. -_^

For some people what he did (James Yap) was a cowardly manner and idiotic act. But for me it's just that he was overwhelmed by his anger that's why he kicked Terrence Leather's leg and run as he knows his position. He knows that Leather is bigger but he is faster so he did hit and run. Just like any other games like computer games. You don't actually have to face your opponents if it's stronger than you are. It depends on how you play your special skills. For range players against melee attackers, it is better to do the "hit and run" technique. ;)

Our Daily "Link Builder's" Bread

Here are the basic exercises that a link builder should practice:

1. Yahoo Answers
2. Forum Posting
3. Blog Commenting
4. Squidoo Lens Making
5. Article Writing (product review of any latest gadget available in the market)
6. Directory Submission
7. Article Submission
8. Hubpages Making
9. Research what is Reciprocal Linking
10. Blogging
11. Content Optimization
12. Anchor Text (research and familiarize)
13. Blog Widgets (populate your blog with helpful widgets that will help your blog increse its ranking)
14. Web 2.0 Familiarization

This could not be the whole thing but at least this is part of those things that a link builder should learn. Keep up the good works!

Search Engine Optimization - Content Optimization

For SEO specialist, there are three aspects of Search Engine Optimization that are important to learn and understand. The link, optimization and especially the content. There are numerous articles online and off about all three of these elements, and this can make it easy to focus on only one or two of the three. Since all three are critical to achieving a high position on search engines, it is important to take a deep understanding and analysis on how they work together to help your website rank well.

For here let us focus on Content Optimization.
Through the many algorithm changes that take place each year, the weight given to the content on your pages rises and falls. Currently incoming links appear to supply greater advantage than well-written and optimized content. But apparently major search engines such as Google has been very keen on looking to the content of the sites prior to the links and optimizations itself. How useful the content to the users is how high the rank it should have.

The goal for anyone is to build and optimize a website that will rank well on the major search engines and, more difficult and far more important, hold those rankings through changes in the search engine algorithms. While currently having a bunch of incoming links from high PageRank sites will do well for you on Google you must consider what will happen to your rankings when the weight given to incoming links drops, or how your website fares on search engines other than Google that don't place the same emphasis on incoming links. From here the content of the subjects has come to greater importance. Nevertheless it is the thing that users and readers are looking for and not the design nor the bunch of links that you were gathering. Contents must be updated or enhanced so that a reader shows interest to what you are offering and what you are into. So that constant updates or visits to your site actually happens from the logs of the visitors. Then most probably there will be a higher rate of success that the site will be ranked constantly at that current position or maybe higher.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Emo U?

Nowadays emo styles of music, outfit, and looks has been very common to the new generations. Mostly to the young people or groups that you can see everywhere in Davao's streets. Maybe this is the new trend. I was actually confused what does it mean to be an emo and where it came from? So that's why I made a little research.

Some bands have started playing music as punk rock that was described as melodic and depressing hardcore. That was it! The keyword is "depressing or something depressed". If you were to analyze there styles most "emo looks" seem uneasy and depressed. Those people were somewhat looking for freedom and comfort. Depressed maybe because out of money, out of respect or even out of love. I've seen this groups of emos most of the time walking around in the streets, so I was thinking that they were affected by the fare hike that was implemented recently. Also affected to the various increase of prices,services, of different items or of basic needs. So I think for them it's better to become an emo to temporarily escape the reality of the situation and at the same time to show to the people and to the leaders their protest on what was happening to them and to the economy in general.Most of the time they are rebellious to the disrespects of the people around them or in the worst case it is because of a family related problem. And lastly the reason why "Emos" are emo maybe because of relationship problems. It's just hard to move on and live a new day. So definitely people we tend to seek for an outlet. That's why emo mode is one of the solutions.

Emo is not necessarily an insult, nor is emo music always bad. So linguistically, what does this make the word emo? Originally it could be thought of as more of a genre of music and simply left at that, but with the evolution of the term it has grown to explore many new facets.

  • Emo is use as a noun - (a person, place, thing even if you can or can't touch it), such as
    "you're an emo"

  • Emo could be used as a adverb - (describes a verb) as in "he did an emo dance" or "an emo song".

  • Emo is used as an adjective - (describes a noun), as in "emo hair".
But there were no enough evidence that shows where did emo comes from. So still I was wondering where did that word came from. Until such time I saw a little clue. Since before, I suspected that besides human there were other living creatures that were engaged to such trend. So until such time I saw this picture...

Eureka!It a's a plane...No it's an "EMO COW"!?!... I suddenly think of a possible reason why they were EMO. So I came out to a conclusion that they were protesting to the large numbers of cows that was forced to produce milk as much as they can or canned and named "cornbeefs". Cornbeefs has been here long ago before the prices has rapidly increases. That's why it is to them the emo was born.

Indeed if I were a cow I maybe one of the EMO cows...

"Why should I care? They are gonna kill me anyhow."emooooooo!

Is Reciprocal Links Bad?

Sometimes we say reciprocal link are good and others say it is bad. But why is it so? Maybe because there is a good link and a bad link either. It is better to know what is a good link for you and the bad one. Most of the time this concept has always been disregarded. Maybe most people were focused on how to earn money as fast as possible. But they don't know the basic so they always failed. Here are the difference of Good and Bad reciprocal links that was told by other SEO pros.

Good Reciprocal Links:

Let's say you are selling books. Probably you want to gather links from the internet so that spiders will crawl into your site more often. It is important to know that a link is good if it comes from the same product and same category.Basically if your topic is related to books you must link to those who are selling books or better to those articles related to the books that you were selling. You must know how to categorize your site to where it belongs. Great reciprocal links come from the people inside your niche.

Bad Reciprocal Links:

SEO experts have been saying that anything on a links page would be bad, unless they were very tightly related to you subject. If you're selling machines then you should link to machines or machine parts and not to Coffee brands. Though your site will not probably be penalize, it otherwise suffer the consequence of low ranking or slow improvement of ranks. Google and most of the search engines are looking to the quality of the links. It's not just of the link itself but it is how useful the link for the researchers.

Another scenario is the link that links you which is probably related to your topic but might link to a topic that is not of your category. I think it is also important that all the links within your links must have pure quality links. Otherwise you might wonder that your rank is depleting of no accurate reasons.

In general it is a common sense for everybody especially for the researchers or users to follow good links regarding the topic that they are into. Quality content which is all of the web page items (links, texts, images, etc) lead to good traffic. Always check all the links to secure your site's credibility. Wish you more quality links!

Balanar- The Night Stalker

He's indeed the stalker when evening comes. For DOTAholics beware of Balanar when you see the moon. Remember what you're parents have told you before? Stay home at night. Cause the stalker might caught you on your way. Let me share you how he dominates in the field.

Range:100 | Move Speed: 295 Primary:
Str: 23 + 2.8 | Agi: 18 + 2.25 |
Int: 16 + 1.25 Damage: 47 – 51 | HP: 587 | Mana: 208 HP Regen: 0.94 |

Void (V)
Creates a damaging void. If cast at night, slows the target for 4 seconds.
Level 1 - Deals 90 damage.
Level 2 - Deals 160 damage.
Level 3 - Deals 255 damage.
Level 4 - Deals 335 damage.
Mana Cost: 90/ 112/ 130/ 145
Cooldown: 7

Remarks: This is one of his important skills. For my own strategy this should be at level 2 before the first night comes. There's no slow effects at day at it could do a damage.

Crippling Fear (F)
In the night, the Night Stalker can cause intense fear in enemy units, causing them to miss attacks and be unable to cast spells.
Level 1 - Miss on 10% of attacks, slow by 4%. Lasts 5 seconds.
Level 2 - Miss on 20% of attacks, slow by 8%. Lasts 6 seconds.
Level 3 - Miss on 30% of attacks, slow by 12%. Lasts 7 seconds.
Level 4 - Miss on 40% of attacks, slow by 16%. Lasts 8 seconds.
Mana Cost: 125
Cooldown: 11

Remarks: This is your only skill that would counter heros with killer skills. This is a "silence" at night. DO NOT USE THIS DURING THE DAY, because it won't have any effect what so ever! However this is not effective to heroes that "windwalks".

Hunter in the Night ()
The Night Stalker is at home at night. He attacks and moves more swiftly.
Level 1 - 15% movement speed, 20% attack speed.
Level 2 - 20% movement speed, 35% attack speed.
Level 3 - 30% movement speed, 55% attack speed.
Level 4 - 35% movement speed, 75% attack speed.
Mana Cost: N/A
Cooldown: N/A

Remarks: This the most important skill Night Stalker has. This is the KEY that makes him so strong, moves so fast at night and can kill so deadly. Max this along with Void ASAP!

Darkness (R)
Freezes the time and create a period of Darkness for the Night Stalker to thrive in.
Level 1 - Create darkness for 25 second night.
Level 2 - Create darkness for 50 seconds.
Level 3 - Create darkness for 80 seconds.
Mana Cost: N/A
Cooldown: 234/ 204/ 174

Remarks: This skill turns day time into night time instantly. However, as day time turned into night, the timer stops for the normal day/night timer and only after the effect of your skill is over, will the timer start again. Therefore it is better to activate the skill at night to prolong the night time. However, you may use this in day time when trying to escape in emergencies.

Quick start...

May favorite heroes of my lane when I am using Balanar were Dwarven Sniper, Shadow Fwend, Razor, Luna Moonfang, Beast Master and Pugna. They were the easiest target at the beginning
since they have no stopping skills like the stun.

Here's the build:

L1- Void,L2- Hunter in the Night,L3-VOid,L4-Hunter in the Night,L5-Hunter in the Night...

From here the night started. So start looking for prey. This time you should have 2 gauntlets and 1 circlet. I chose hunter for the 5th skill because it's the swiftest way to go home. I don't buy any regenerative items at this point. And at the same time he kills faster at this level.

L6- Darkness... This is an extra kill. Prolonging the night at this stage will help you owning the lane.

L7- HUnter in the night, L8- Void, L9- Void, L10- Stat,L11 -Stat, L12- this time alternate the stat and Darkness until it's full. You might also have the cripple fear if you have the opponent like Queen of Pain, Naga Siren, Magina, Troll Warlord or Vengeful Spirit. That will prevent them from escaping or will "miss" their attacks. All in all it depends on the situation.

For the items I might say that Power Threads are best for the early game. Prior to that are 3 bracers for additional life and mana pool. To avoid the int's skill you may choose avatar and radiance afterwards. But if cases like troll,razor or Luna Moonfang, I might say that it is best to have Monkey King Bar, Vladimir's offering or Helm of Dominator(for life steal) and butterfly or Assault Cuirass for the attack speed. At if the game ends longer go for divine rapier and aegis combination. I hope a battle fury is also there for triple kill. Lol. That it! and have fun!gg...

To make it easier try this: Map Hack!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

15 Moves Ahead

How fast is fast? It makes me wonder how a man like Garry Kasparov(Best Chess Grand Master for 20 years)could think that fast with a higher rate of accuracy. Maybe it's just his natural talent. But somehow it wouldn't be like that if he did not experienced the hardship and intensive training. That's the fact that everyone of us must know. We all have the talent but it's up to us on how to nurture that talent. In order to develop our talents we need to realized the true essence of perseverance to our success. Many have come to the point that after losing or after a failure, then that's it for them. Just like the joke of the coin..."when a coin falls down to the floor then you don't have to pick it up cause it's dirty." That's funny but I think they invented the soap or sanitizer to clean it up. ;) hehe... That should be the attitude. We should also think 15 moves ahead. We should think of a solution with the given situation.

Don't you think that failure is just one of your sacrificial piece?...Yes it is, as long as you have learned from it. Like in the chess games a sacrificial piece most often brings the player to a sure win. Literally a player has lost it's quantity but the quality and control of the game is in his position. Just like in a real life situation. Learning from our mistakes is the biggest move that we can do if we are focused to these mindset. If you fall don't you just stay falling instead stand up and work it out. Find out your weakness and make that weakness your offense .And your on your way to success. Surely after several moves the game is in your hand.

"To be old and wise you must be young and stupid." Continue learning and aim for checkmate!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Coffee Break!

It's been a very busy day since we were transfered to a new shift and to a new client. Somehow it is our first time to do a task related to quality assurance. It's a matter of concentration and patience to do the task efficiently. In the midst of doing several test sometimes we felt exhausted and more often sleepy. Maybe we do need to "restart" as what we call it. As a solution then we generally have a cup of coffee and talk for a while. That would be a very relaxing moment for us in order to complete our task easily at a higher accuracy. Thanks to the coffee!

According to my research coffee was not around until 600AD in Middle East. It came to Europe in the 16th Century. In 500AD since it came to Europe, it has spread around the world and become an international trade. And it goes anywhere. In short nobody knows who invented coffee.

Whatever it is maybe we have to say thank you to the one who invented coffee. Because he saves our day!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Showing One's Self

My energy was so high while conceptualizing my blog and how should it be for the visitors. This is my first time doing this so I don't know what to do and what I should not do. But at the same time I want to please everyone reading and visiting my blog. So I was so eager to let go of my desire. Yet I have no idea on how to start with. The frustrations came when thinking that a kind of blog that looks good for others is a difficult task. Maybe because I am not in their perspective to know their insights of what they want to appreciate. So I eventually think that I can't really do this.

From here I started to reflect and review that past to what went wrong. I also started to search and read several blogs and posts to know what they are doing and what a blog should be. So then I found out something important recipe to complete this task. I realized that it's not just that I'm not really good at it ,but it is on how I want to let them show who I am. To make it easier, I might do it of what I think is right with my passion .It's not just how it looks for others but how you show yourself for others. It simply brings the idea of "becoming who I am".

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