Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Look At My Mobs

My mobs reaches to 1000th member limit that I can't add more mob members yet. I should have gone to a higher level to enhance the maximum limit. Sad to say I am just at the level 308 which has only 1000 maximum mob member limits. Maybe next time I've got to accept those pending invites.

Hot Latina Online

We can't deny the fact that Latinas are very gorgeous. Whenever they are around people can't stop staring those sexy babes. Not just because of the looks but that body they owned were a masterpiece that was to hot to handle.

Across the web a Free Latina Chat online is now ongoing for registration. Honestly it's free and we can't stop from telling everyone that hot Latinas are setting the temperature to red.

Great Powers Comes Out From A Pig

The picture below was taken with this hero was swingin' on the building. He looks gorgeous and talented.
He's a Spider! No He's a pig! Oh! that's Spider Pig!

Wow I didn't expect that spider pig would become more famous than the original spiderman. Although they are almost equal in looks but still spiderman had no match to that soaring pig. He is now on top of the search results all over the world. A pig that somehow became a hero!

Free Online Chat and Girls

Girls or women in general loves to chat. They always have many things to talk about. Whatever the situation, at any moment or at any place they are always ready to spread the news. Whoever they are talking with they are comfortable as much as they are. Even with strangers at any language they were able to understand each other. The good news is a Free Interracial Chat is here today. They will provide the wide numbers of chatters around the world to talk with and share the feelings. The good thing is it is free registration with unlimited usage. It's a lot of fun. Meet many people around the world online now.

Towel Art Exposed

Yesterday someone told me that a towel was designed to form a chocolate cake. She added that the towel design really looks like a genuine chocolate cake which make them crave for sweets. That sounds interesting to me. I couldn't think how they made a simple towel into an art like that. That is why I made a research to see if that humor was really true. Then I found out some spectacular pictures of the Towel Art.

hmmmnn. An Elephant!

Monkey Style!

Rabbit in Position.

Love Swan.

This is really great. I should find a tutorial on how to do this.

Naruto and Konoha Must Have This

I was a big fan of Naruto series. The story, the philosophy and the love triangle makes the Naruto world more exciting. Probably I would say that Naruto must found his true love aside from being an action hero. How I wish that he should notice the hidden feeling of Hinata. The only way Hinata could tell him her feeling is through Online Chat Rooms. If Konoha should have been created an online chat room, that's the way would Naruto realized how important he is for Hinata. And the story will end into their affairs like those real life couples who made it from online chat rooms.

Happy Christening!

I was asked by my cousin to make an invitation card for the Christening of my nephew Nathania Gennielrich. My cousin Jean told me to do it for her since she has no time and resources to create a new one for now. So I tried my best to do the favor. In fact I made one but I am not sure they will like it. Just a try. Hopefully they'll like it.

Many thanks to my GA seatmates who made this more interesting.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Hot Hologram Technology

This is an awesome picture of an Iphone with the hologram technology. Once a technological prediction was prevailed that something in 2050 a hologram technology might be invented. The phone will be integrated will hologram voice call which will help the user see the hologram picture of the caller. Watch out on it for the year 2050. To see this, today's people must be health conscious to reach this age. Stop smoking, minimize alcohol or fats and exercise for a good health. Love this phone? Buy one by 2050. lol.

Lucky to those who watched the “Obama/McCain,” US election on CNN, to noticed a hologram of a female reporter. This used a few cameras on a 360 degrees axis and a very large "green screen" to create the illusion. Now the question is when will we see or use the hologram technology? Sooner or later there would be something like this.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Flee the Dog Flea Away

One of the problem we are facing in our home are the Fleas. We raised dogs and cats which is a home of the Fleas. Mostly dog's skin is one of the favorite place where the fleas want to spend their lifetime with. Our dog named Cumi is actively roaming around running with friends. He is prone to flea attacks even we keep on cleaning him daily. The problems spreads when Cumi sleeps on our sala sets or chairs which is for the visitors. We found out that fleas are roaming around in this places after cumi stayed there. We can't find any solution but to gather those fleas and burn them. We should find a direct solution. A solution that would kick the fleas butt within cumi's skin. Or some other reliable solutions that will surely keep us away from those parasites. As I surf the net I read about flea traps.I have no idea about it but it sounds interesting. Flea traps will not directly kill the fleas but rather offers a bait to keep the fleas into the trap. Sound good since that trap would do more better than simply killing the fleas. It would also kill the eggs which will prevent those eggs from hatching to another flea problem. In this case the traps will flee away the flea no matter what.

Hopefully this problems will now have a solution. Our problems to our pet and generally in our home shall now be regarded by some kind of a strategy to solve such flea attacks. We always wanted our home to be clean that is free from different kinds of discouraging factors. All seem have a solution now from the flea traps. I think that trap comes from an expert's advice which has been tested for the market. I rather try this one than to keep on tracking those fleas myself over and over again. The problem should end as soon as possible no matter what. Soon this will flee dog flea away.

Yey Another Gift From Mousehunt Devs!

David Kiew sounded the Hunter’s Horn.
I was successful in my hunt! I caught a 7 oz. Elf mouse from the Laboratory worth 894 points and 757 gold.

The mouse also dropped the following loot:
1 magically wrapped gift, 2 gifts.

I was surprised when I open my mousehunt account that a mouse with a loot appeared to my page. An Elf mouse was caught by my basic trap with two gift loots. Yey! That was very exciting. To think that I gift will be given this December 25, all the mousehunter communities are getting busy hunting crafty mice. lol. In my humble opinion a loot mouse should wrap the most elegant gift from santa for us to give more effort hunting more mice. :D. Congats mousehunt devs that was a great job!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Christmas Gift from Abominable Snow mouse

Earlier today I came to check my trap and saw the pleasant surprise from facebook mousehunt web developers. My trap caught the abominable snow mouse giving me the opportunity to receive a gift this Christmas.

I checked my trap and found that I had caught a mouse! I caught a 6 oz. Abominable Snow mouse from the Laboratory worth 1,745 points and 1,756 gold.

The mouse also dropped the following loot:
1 gift.

So I asked myself what would I want this Christmas? There are a lot of things that came to my mind in which I can't even decide one important thing. Therefore I search the internet to give me the best idea of a Christmas gift. But then to many thing have been running through the search which are one of the probable things I wanted to have this Christmas.

When I came home I sat in my bed and think for something else important for me. That was noon time and I felt so hot while I sat on my bed. I then realize that I do need something that would send out air to cool me down,like a ceiling fan. That's it I have to install a ceiling fan within my bed that would probably cool my feeling down. It's amazing that I saw a site that will help me find the best ceiling fans of different varieties at the least price offered. Since it is Christmas then I have to find promo prices which is commonly be offered in this season. There I saw a lot of affordable ceiling fan which I do not have to find a promo price on it. And that was I want to receive from the abominable snow mouse. He should send me the price for my room. I also give time to browse the different types of ceiling fans. There are Minka Air Concept, the hunter archive original, Craftsmade American Tradition and many more elegant designs. Anything could be a best gift for me. But if I have to choose one my favorite would be the Fanimation Islander that sounds interesting and looks classical for me. To the abominable snow mouse please give me this gift. Merry Christmas and a Happy new Year to all!

Monday, December 8, 2008

One Glass Of Alcohol Is Good

Yes it is true that we also need alcohol in our body. One glass is enough regularly like any doctors have said.

Base on the picture above one glass is still harmful for our health. ;)

Rocket Launch A Business with Heritage Web Solutions

Anyone who wants to start a business must have the plans and the strategies to build a good name in business. One of the consideration must be the we to promote the products or how the people will find your product in the market. It is also good to know that the products or services we offer are remarkably unique and should be patronize by people within the place.

Business online is now a good start for advertising. Most online businesses had gained profit throughout the internet by doing an intensive product reviews and advertisement with different strategies. Probably it is a best help for any business to go with a company that will help promote the business online. I heard of Heritage Web Solutions which is a trusted name of all the hosting companies online. They will help promote any business at its best position. Since promoting a business is not an easy task they have all the great web masters, site optimizer and analyzers to ensure that the business you've own will have the best reputation on the web.

The Heritage Web Solutions will rocket launch a business through unique website designs which fits the theme of a certain business. No templates are copied for the promotion of the site. By the assistance of the web masters or the analyzers any search engine optimization or site traffic impressions is an easy job for any site. Prior to site popularity and faster ROI response the company will do the best for you. The website you have owned must be original that something to stands out from the competitors. Costumers will find what they are looking for from what you had been offered. Easy for you to understand the scheme of the online business maybe to expand the system you've had. Lastly the company will aid the advertising articles, promotion strategies and all the search engine optimization factors for the site to be popular in all the major search engines such as Google, MSN and Yahoo for a wider range of promoting the site online. For a business to succeed, work it out and find the best place to sell your product. Try online and seek the help of the best company to host your site. Choose the heritage web solutions.

Best Time is Snack Time

Snack time is somehow a best time for us working with busy schedules. We love to have a break since it is our only time to talk with our fellow officemates and discuss some things outside the premises. That is why a snack time should be a remarkable one. It should be at the best place and the right time. I could say that the best place could be here...

Try it and you'll surely love it. ;)

Dream Match Like Pacquaio versus Dela Hoya

Many people long to their partners in life. Similar to Pacquiao and Dela Hoya match which was titled to become a dream boxing match. In the school, in the office or somewhere in the place they lived they haven't found the right one for them. There is one place that we need to try. It could be the internet. We all know that the internet offered wide variety of services including the dating and relationship matching. Some sites offers Free Local Singles that would probably find a match for anybody longing to have their lifetime partner.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Virus Visualization

I was wondering what a computer virus looks like. Then a graphical representation was shown by an artist named Alex Dragulescu, who has been working for MessageLabs marketing with the said campaign. A series of visualization of the viruses, worms, trojans and spyware codes was developed for public awareness.

Most of them seems like a sea urchins. Others looks like a cabbage or a sea anemone. One thing was common to them. They were all hairy like an itchy glitchy spider.hehe.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Look! A Ticket To Bazaar

Earlier today I checked my trap.

I checked my trap and found that I had caught a mouse! I caught a 1 Oz. White Mouse from the Training Grounds worth 70 points and 101 gold.
6:16am tomorrow
I checked my trap and found that I had caught a mouse! I caught a 4 Oz Kung Fu from the Training Grounds worth 4,747 points and 804 gold.

The mouse also dropped the following loot:
Ticket to the Burroughs Bazaar.
5:28am tomorrow
I checked my trap and found that I had caught a mouse! I caught a 3 Oz. Dwarf Mouse from the Training Grounds worth 223 points and 453 gold.
4:16am tomorrow
I checked my trap and found that I had caught a mouse! I caught a 4 Oz Archer Mouse from the Training Grounds worth 4,497 points and 754 gold.
3:22am tomorrow
I checked my trap and found that I had caught a mouse! I caught a 7 Oz. Kung Fu Mouse from the Training Grounds worth 4,744 points and 807 gold.

Yes I just got the ticket to Burroughs Bazaar. Hopefully I'm gonna get the map to Dojo. My goodness! that was worth 90k which means I'm out of budget. I only got 60k recently. Help folks! Somebody send some aid. :D

Christmas Promo Sit on Santa's Lap

When I was a child I wish to see Santa Clause in person. I was dreaming that someone wearing red shirts with the rain deers will give me some gift. That gave me the urge to find Santa. Sad to say no Santa came. But I didn't lose hope to find him as much as I could. Today christmas is coming and I now understand the truth about Santa Clause and the elves. He is just somewhere in CEIVA logic Inc. working to give you the best Christmas precense. He wants me to sit on his lap. With Santa's elves I've been to Santa's place. The Got a Wish Sweeepstakes promo offered everyone a a chance to win Santa's precense. Santa wants to give us a gift until Christmas eve. That truly proves me the idea on how generous Santa was. Wow how I wish Santa would grant my wish. (SHhhhh...I wished that Santa would give me a car.lol) Definitely I joined the contest. I did upload my photo with my wish. Yes that would be it. Hopefully my Christmas will be merrier with Santa's presence. That was simple yet a very good way to celebrate Christmas.

All I can say is keep on dreaming. There no wrong in dreaming as long as it would be for a good cause. In the end everything will be alright. If it's not yet alright then it is not yet the end. That was one of the thought I heard from Jigs which was taken from spongebob's good friend Patrick. That was simple yet will lift our dreams up.


Monday, December 1, 2008

My White Cheese Attracted the Kung Fu!

Wow I was testing the power of the new cheese combo of salt and curd that results to white cheese. I was expecting a white mice in a row but then I caught a better mice. For three consecutive try outs I then caught the great Kung Fu Mouse. I just can't believe that this is happening already. hehe

Jamie Shaw sounded the Hunter’s Horn, however my white cheddar cheese failed to attract a mouse.
I sounded the Hunter’s Horn, however my white cheddar cheese failed to attract a mouse.
Justin Soto sounded the Hunter’s Horn.
I was successful in my hunt! I caught a 4 oz. Kung Fu mouse from the Training Grounds worth 4,747 points and 804 gold.

See? Ain't that marvelous? lol. Next time I'm gonna get those Leprechauns and Mobsters!

Home Sweet Home

Happy home is the essence of a happy family. This December to January, family reunions or friends get together are the common thing to happen this holiday. Most of us meet old friends,relatives and colleagues to reminisce the past. This is one of the happiest moments I always expect every year. I love to watch my family getting closer with God's grace. Aside from that we are hoping for a new beginning and more bonds till the next years. Mostly we celebrate reunions in the house, sometimes it would be in our place. That is why we need it to be as presentable as possible. I was then worried that our house is getting messy and old fashioned. The windows and ceilings are a little bit old and rotten. Sometimes I was thinking for a renovation. Probably a total makeover. But I was quite unsure where to go and where to ask for an advice. Similar to the projects of Fort Worth Remodeling.I knew they have all the abilities, manpower and material to make our home as presentable as possible. I was hoping that something like this was also here in our place. Someone to ask for a home renovation idea. Some experts to help and make a guide for us to follow some rules to make our hope more beautiful as it was before.

Good News YouTube Viewers

Last week one of my friend ask me if I found something different from you tube. I answered him no since I haven't open my youtube account for a long time. When I checked it in a cafe I found out that you tube's screen seem widened. I was actually doubtful that maybe there's something wrong with my unit's setting or somewhere in the screen tab. But I found nothing than the best you tube viewing experience I've ever seen. While surfing the internet I realize that youtube was really updating their site. The developers of the said video streaming site was implementing a 16:9 aspect ratio of the viewing screen that expanded the whole screen into 960 pixels. That was really a good news. However when a video is uploaded with the usual 4:3 aspect ratio, it will be centered when viewed with its regular viewing size. It won't stretch that could affect the video's screen display and quality. Thanks to the great innovation of youtube developers for a better user viewing experience. We will be expecting more changes and great updates on youtube for the next few months.

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