Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Compostela Comval Province

Compostela, a town located at the mid section of ComVal Province. With three hours bus ride from Davao City, the fully cemented roads within ComVal lessen the hassles of commuting throughout the place. The trees and rice fields alongside the national highways has also become the major attraction upon entering the vicinity that elegantly expresses its natural beauties. Locating midway to the town lays the huge Agusan River that subdivides the two adjacent towns of Compostela and Montevista. Known from its bowl shaped valley it is surrounded by lakes, rivers, mountain ranges, hills and giant trees that geographically protects the place from devastating typhoons. 

The main agricultural products provided by Compostela were bananas and rice, but some other vegetable crops like corns and tomatoes were also available in little numbers. Banana plantations were operating sideways to manufacture fresh and exportable bananas outside the Philippines in bundles of shipments. Thus become one of its biggest industries that cover roughly 45 percent of the town's total income. Municipal officials provided irrigation systems; sewage systems and canals to assist local farmers maximize the rate of production of these agricultural products.

Living in Compostela is like living in a little paradise of both urban and rural areas. Urban like life of bars, mini-malls, internet cafes and provision of basic needs were available through the initiative of few Comvaleneo businessmen to provide the place a life comparable to a city. The Borios Bar located northeast part of the municipal gym offers Filipino style seafood delicacies and bar beverages captures the taste of Comvaleneo and non-Comvaleneo youngsters. Mini-mouse internet cafe has also been a major hangout for an internet savvy young men and young gamers. Some kids from the near towns visit to the place to look for competitive online and offline gamers to play for tournaments. Malls like GS Gaisano of Davao City is also starting its construction and soon be operated at full pace. For the meantime grocery stores are the main providers of grocery products all over the town. 

After all, these Compostela is the town where I was born and grew up. Here is my family, my life and my homeland that makes me who I am. :)

Bamboo - Compostela's Pride

Needless to say, the image above is one relaxing scenery that every nature lovers must see. The pride of Compostela, Valley is a cold spring surrounded by gigantic trees near the river. The trees were some proof on how the place's temperature has become colder. Provided with swimming pools and cottages, the place is perfect for summer getaways, picnic, field trips or a simple get together with friends. Despite the fact that this is a far away land from Davao City, it's still worth the effort to visit the place because of its natural beauty. And the cold spring itself can be an ease to the feeling of stress of everyday deadlines. Coldness is cool! 

Together with my "ex-officemates"/few of my friends above is a picture taken from the pool side of Bamboo Resort.Behind us right after the pool were cottages intended for guests who wants to rent to set in place. But since we were the VIP guests, we occupied the convention area (not in the pic).

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Bizarre Birth - Oldest Mother

A fact that I could always recall is about women in which in her menopausal age will never give birth to a child anymore. Until I read the story of Rajo Devi, a 70 years old woman gave birth to her child last 2008. Living with her husband, she unsuccessfully tried to become pregnant all throughout their 50 years of marriage and thought it was impossible when she went through menopause in her late 50s. However, after entering a fertility program, Devi was successfully impregnated by a donor egg that was fertilized with the sperm of her 72 year old husband. On December 6th, she gave birth to a cute baby girl. After the doctor's check ups they have announced that both the mother and daughter were very healthy. Latest reports claim that the happy septuagenarians are attempting again in hopes of having a baby boy. For the record, Rajo had become the oldest mother that conceives in history.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Baldy, Baldy, Baldy!

Once upon a time a Baldy was me...

...and I live happily ever after in Sybu Dormitory, Simuon St. Parian Cebu City.

The END. :D

Bizarre Birth - Identical Twins of Different Colors

The story of the picture below is the one in a million chances of mixed-race couple to have twins as if of different races. Literally of different races because of their respective complexions. They look the same but of different skin color. A British couple Dean Durrant and Allison Spooner give birth to their children extraordinarily like this twice in a row. They have a remarkable 2 sets of twins of different colors.

Miya and Leah Durrant (Below) were born in December 2008 and their older sisters Hayleigh and Lauren were born seven years earlier. Miya has the black hair and dark complexion of her father Dean Durrant and older sister Hayleigh while Leah has blue eyes and paler skin just like mom Alison Spooner and older sister Lauren. But despite the differences of cultures and colors the couples still live a normal picture of a happy family.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

I knew I'll knew It! =))

"Knowledge is Power", the late Ka Ernie Baron said. Knowledge indeed constitutes power. Once we already know something it follows to a sign that we have the edge over the other who doesn't know anything. An advantage describing a power to simplify things and attract success.

When I wrote the title earlier, I was not thinking about winning a competition. Or something to describe training and winning like those athletes. My intention is only to provide a reflection on a particular personal experience. Even though it's just a little experience it does gave me a particular strategy that I might use in the future. This is all about the time I spent practicing a DT motorcycle. In the FIRST TRY, of single instruction and no assistance I made it drive all the way to the Poblacion on my own. Quite an achievement indeed. I was so happy about it. Although it isn't rare, its just that I learn something from it. The efficiency of my driving skills depends on the knowledge I've learned from the past I've learned from driving a 4wd. I thought I can't do it but still on the first try I made it run easier.

What makes this story important for me was because it motivates me to do better things using some knowledge from the past. Provided with similar mechanisms we can actually act to something we don't know with a fair percentage on success of execution. Theories by theories it is wiser to make an avalanche effect to make a faster rate of learning. If you know something proceed tying another which is similar to everything you already knew. That's seems obvious but I think it's good to remind us all basic things like this. :D

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Bizarre Birth - Twins With Different Fathers

Referring to the photo below is Mia Washington and her family with twin little boys. At the first glance we may not see any extraordinary occurrences in their situation. With a closer look, the fraternal twins are something with different appearance with different "biological fathers".  This story has become more common because of occasional in-vitro treatment tales of lab error in which a few eggs were contaminated with the wrong sperm, however, Washington’s story unfolds much more naturally. She first became pregnant when having a little fun with either her husband and another lover. Very soon afterwards, she made up with the other man and a second egg was released and fertilized.

According to the experts, this kind of medical rarity is known as Heteropaternal Superfecundation. Some cases all over the world has been documented and studies shows that this instances were proven possible. This stories of amazing twins is one of many bizarre cases of birth.

As their story unfolds, two babies were born and one looked nothing like the father, the truth was discovered. Mr. Washington adopted Mia’s other son and took the fatherly role for both children.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Spiritual Energies in some Known Manga Series

Since I am officially a manga fanatic I would like to discuss topics that is absolutely known to manga society. These are the forces that controls or give birth to the powers of some manga heroes/characters. Basically there are three major manga series with their corresponding spiritual energy terms I will talk here. Namely the reiatsu,haki and chakra.

Reiatsu (Bleach) - is the spiritual pressure released by a person with strong spiritual energy like Kurosaki Ichigo of bleach. A stronger reiatsu are said to suffocate every person with lower spiritual energies that sometimes made them collapse instantly. It has different colors and characteristics which depends on every character's ability. Like Tōshirō Hitsugaya's reiatsu are filled with icy characteristics with white colors surrounding him, that shows a devastating power.

Haki (One Piece) - is a mysterious conceptual force that only a few One Piece characters can use. It appears to be a strong spiritual power that channels to few individual's body would intimidate an enemy. Some sort of energies may also cause suffocation to some weaker characters. However, its true nature has yet to be determined or stated. There are special types of Haki that only a certain group of "chosen ones" are said to possess. The so called will of the "D" is one strong haki possessed by Monkey 'D Luffy and his family.

Chakra (Naruto) - is the resulting energy produced, when Physical and Spiritual energies become mixed together. Hand Seals are then used to harness this energy and expel it out of the body; Usually in the form of some kind of attack. Naruto's Chakra is a wind type manipulation chakra that will control the speed,sharpness and toughness of the weapon he uses with his spiritual power.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Philippine Cell Number Prefixes

For many texters all over Philippines this will help us all a lot.

Prefixes for globe/tm


Prefixes for smart/tnt

0907 new prefix no.
0908 new prefix no.
0909 new prefix no.
0930 (Available also in Red Mobile)
0938 (Available also in Red Mobile)
0939 (Available also in Red Mobile)
0989 (New Release prefix no. From smart)
0999 (New Release prefix no. from smart)

Prefixes no. For Sun Cellular

0932 new prefix no.
0933 new prefix no.

Unknown No.

0979 - Unidentified mobile network company

Focus and Determination

Previously many things happened to my life. All the troubles have come to me that I can't barely stand. It feels like I'm not fitting into the trail. Something suffocates me. That all I did was just a mere defense. I simply didn't fight back that well and it messes up the road I took. Too messed up. Just like a maze where almost everything comes to a dead end. I see no light. I hear no voice. It's just me and the long uncharted roads I must take. But despite the difficulties something assures me. In chess, I never encounter a puzzle without a solution. There must be something that lies behind this journey. A move that will surely bring forth victory.

So while hanging up with this little controversies, never in my mind came a sort of thing the wants of finding back my trails. Nevertheless I wanted to explore more into the horizons with the feeling of overwhelming desire to make a way into the darkened trails forward. This is my journey. I want to do this for myself and for the people who still believe in me. Although I think I almost lost all of them now. haha.

Anyway still in my humble opinion, with the will to win,all this would happen with a constant focus and determination. Recall things that reminds me to what I was being here for. Learn new things. All these must get into my nerves. The value of winning is the only thing that brings the smoothness of the road I took.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Back Again

For many months that I've left this blog it feels like trying to figure out this thing again. The settings, the add-ons and most likely the way to make this thing work for me again. This might be a pain in the ass(LOL Bleach) but i'm patient enough.Nevertheless this would be my first time back again to basic. I wish this would somehow help me do the blogging again.

So to start with, I like to make a post that would somehow make me recall everything I did for this blog. The first thing here are the navigation tools. The dashboard has everything in it to connect with friends, to edit my settings and to manipulate the html/css part of this blog. I'm trying to say that 90% of editing the blog's "looks and feel" should be done through this palette. Another thing here is the topic that I should post must basically be the topics that I want to talk, for me to easily come into the scene. Some sort of interest, experiences and activities that I've made are the common topics that must be posted here. To make sure that it is simpler for me to make a post. Lastly are the basic SEO tools and techniques that must be implemented again to make search engines visit me again. Literally I'm trying to make a recap of all the sites that help me do this. Also try to reinstall and update the add-ons that will help me evaluate my blog. The SEO book is the first thing in my mind. PR checkers in my browser tabs essentially is the first wonder of this blog. So I've done that while making this post. hehe :D

This won't be easy for me. But with my friends around and with google on my side this thing wouldn't hurt that much. :D

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