Wednesday, March 18, 2009

AdohBhong Manhak | Filipino-American Cooks Adobong Manok

American style adobong manok. Literal meaning of american adobo!

hmmnnn. Yummy!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Araw ng Davao

Since I went home last weekend then I will be going back to Davao this morning. I tried to come back in Davao as early as possible so that I won't be late. I am expecting a huge crowd that will cause traffic in the city since today is the 72nd "Araw ng Davao".

When I came here earlier this morning the parade is about to start. In Magsaysay park, a group of participants gathered along the streets and the flow of vehicles started to slow down. It's getting late already to go to office. Still I tried my best to come on time. The time I arrived in my room, I quickly fixed myself and ready to go. Moving so fast like the flash David I saw the parade. The "Indak2x sa Kadalanan" is now starting to fill the streets of Davao. I feel amazed watching the classic parades of the Davao tribes, drummer boys and the Mutya ng Davao candidates. I really felt the pressence of Davao's best. That was a good experience for me. I haven't seem this parade for many years now. whew!

Before that I have to logged in before I get late. So then I forced myself not to be interrupted by the parade. That's why I came here in the office exactly on time. I was almost late again.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Web Developer's Guide

I've been looking for some webhosting companies in the internet. While browsing,I found out that we have to consider many in when choosing a webhosting site. First we should already know the features of the certain services they provided. Thoroughly, we should have known the space, the traffic and the price. Comparing different companies and canvassing the prices is the best way to make you best choice. It's a matter of spying the considerations of weaknesses or strength of the webhosting company. Aside from that some other companies also have the bonus features. These are the aspects wherein we see some additional facts and option on how to choose the service they offered. Let say it has a "free domain name" or hosted unlimited domains. These were just the partial factors to consider when searching a hosting company for launching a new website.

Another thing is to be aware that there are review sites that will guide us on how to know the depth of every services of the company from the list we have.Web hosting reviews like the web hosting geeks are the reliable source of data and information on any web hosting companies online. They already established their name of having the great number of sites to consider. The name they carry have been awarded as the best web host for 2009. Nevertheless, they have the basic to the most relevant numbers of information regarding the webhosting sites we wanted to host our sites.

Where is the Sun?

When I woke up early this morning, my room was dim. I though that was 3 am but then I realize that it was already 6:30 in the morning. Whew. Quickly I got up from bed and prepare myself to go to work. I made it as quickly as possible so that I won't be late again.

My point here is to comment on the situation. What the heck was happening to our weather conditions? I can't even see the sun at 7 am. That makes me think that something really is not going right here. Summer time is actually about to come but still our place seem so cold. The sun isn't shining in time and the weather changes rapidly. I don't know what's the reason behind this phenomenon but I've got to say that this is not generally a good sign. Hopefully, sooner or later everything will be alright. Have a sunny days everybody!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Advance Surgery Procedures

Recently here in the Philippine new, there was an argument between the talk show host Boy Abunda and Dra. Vicky Belo regarding surgery matters. In an interview Dra. Belo have throws a semi foul-like joke to the press about Boy Abunda.

"If you want to look like Boy Abuda, you may go to Dr. Calayan. Then If you want to look like Piolo Pascual or Dingdong Dantes you should go to Vicky Belo." Those words were should have been a joke in the mind of Dra. Belo that proclaim the difference of both clinic's endorsers and maybe the kind of services they offer. But on Boy's point of view, and the people's evaluation concluded that it was a hammer hitting on boy's head and so on. So now the discussions and comments are moving through news,internet and tabloids.

The discussions won't stop unless we come to face the truth. The real truth on how to find real beauty. Indeed the the true experts with the perfect Cosmetic Surgery Advice knows best. MYA really knows how to make yourself truly amazing. Everything you ever wanted to know about cosmetic surgery from a trusted panel of industry experts. Given this thought in mind, any beauty problems won't last long. Every problem has a solution, just face it even if your problem is your face.

8 Oscars | Indie Film Dominates

Wow this is the story of Banana Man. I don't know what's the story behind this pic but this was a scene from an indie film that won 8 Oscars(dela joyas). hehe.

Get Em' All

Since summer is coming, most people tend to buy some stuffs for their summer activities. Those that planned to go to beaches must buy some swimming accessories. And those that were planning for a picnic may want to go for, maybe kitchen wares, tents or some first aid kit. This is the best time to go shopping. But sometimes shopping to our favorite malls in town isn't very convenient. Maybe because of the place or maybe because of the crowd that make us feel so tired or maybe because we are lazy to find the things we needed to buy in the malls. Indeed this is not an easy problem. What we need here is a direct solution of shopping convenience. So from here on the shopping online was born. And to it is the shop wiki offers the wide range of choices with the most secure shopping experience. From the basic body accessories to the most distinct tools in our cabinet, the shop wiki have it all. Providing you all the shopping convenience you ever wanted. In fact everything you needed was categorize so that you won't get into trouble searching the products that you want to buy.

Yesterday I came to think of buying an eyeglasses. The rays of the sun tore my eyes that makes it feel itchy and teary. I then realized that the summer is coming and the heat is getting bolder. I really need to have something in my eyes to atleast minimize the direct hit of the heat of the sun into my eyes. Now I am planning to purchase this product online. And the shop wiki give me an idea where to find my needs. I feel comfortable with them knowing that this is the place to go for shopping galore. Let's get em' all. See you there!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Explosive Base Vs Polar Base | Mousehunt | Catacomb

While in the mode of thinking of a better trap combination I was in a dilemma on what to choose for the base since they all balanced. Is it the explosive or the polar base? Given the stats below they both share better components of a good base compare to the previous mousehunt bases like the target or the stone. But it's hard to choose among the two on what will be the better base in the catacombs. Please help me decide.

Explosive Base ( 300 power )
Power Bonus: 5%
Attraction Bonus: 5%
Luck: n/a
Cheese Effect: Stale

A base made of plastic-explosive, the ultimate back-up plan for any weapon.

Polar Base ( 200 power )
Power Bonus: 10%
Attraction Bonus: n/a
Luck: 4
Cheese Effect: Insanely Fresh

This base is made from magical glacial ice that seems to absorb and freeze the humidity in the air, mysteriously retaining its shape. This physics-defying ice is imported by Ronza the merchant, perhaps making it the most expensive cube of water you'll ever own!

In my humble opinion, my first choice is the explosive base. It seems have a better power that would overcome the strength of the forbidden mice. Though it has no luck and the cheese effect is stale it would somehow be complimented by the attraction bonus. It has a lot to do with those mice in the catacombs which is far more clever than the mice in town. That would be the trick or simply the "illusion" to trap those crafty mice.

Note: Dehydration Base wasn't in the scene because I personally think that it is less effective.:p

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Key To Long Lasting Relationship

I am not an expert, but I do agree of what I have heard on how to have a long lasting relationship. A survey was made that a two-year age gap, four kisses a day and sex three times a week, is the secret to nuptial bliss.

Couples with the same hobbies, having at least three cuddles every 24 hours, saying an "I love you" a day and enjoying two romantic meals a month could also help ensure a good relationship according to the reports.

Researchers also discovered the husband and wife who will stay true to their “till death do us part” vow will have met through friends — and tied the knot after three and a half years together.More than 3,000 married adults were polled to discover secrets of successful marriage.

The study found the longest-lasting marriages involve a man who walked down the aisle at the age of 31 — two years and three months older than their partner. They should also say “I love you” to each other at least every day and have sex three times a week(pant!pant!pant!). The first child, the study predicted, will arrive two years and two months after the wedding.

In my humble opinion, the recipe to any relationship to last longer,are the spices of love. Which are mentioned above discovered by the researchers(apili na lang pud ug horn sa mousehunt.:P). They also showed emphasis on the 3 times a week sex. lol.:P

Improvise Love Calculator

Hello guys. I found a cool site similar to the classic love calculator. This is a better one because it will give you more accurate data and statistics of your true love. Check the link below to find out.

Love Calculator

Thanks and Goodluck!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A While Ago

This morning I was observing my seatmate's work on photoshop CS3. I found something interesting and something useful for a newbie. That was the Gradient Tool in Photoshop. Before, I was wondering how to create an image like this below.I realize that this is because of the power of the gradient tool. The tool isn't too hard to understand. What we need to do is to know the tool. Basically this is just a Gradient tool at the Background to Transparent mode. Together with some blending options like drop shadows and stroke. As simple as that will create a good image like this.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Injury Time Out

Last Saturday was our tune-up game for the next season of our Eversun Basketball game headed by Commisioner Ariel P. That was suppose to be a practice game that leads to an accident. During the game, me and the player from Broken Arrow team was fighting in position to get the ball. While on "tug of war" to get the ball,I lose the grip from my right hand that left my other hand tight to the ball with that guy's arms. My elbow was twisted when he force to grab the ball along with my left elbow. That seemingly dislocate my elbow joints. Arggh! That really hurts.

Good thing Erwin D. was there to assist me. He was one of our teammate and officemate who have been an experienced physical therapist(he's licenced :D). After he saw my elbow he quickly made a jutsu move that turns my bones back into position. I was very lucky that time. In fact I brought with me my Phil-am card that I paid nothing after the check up in San Pedro hospital. They already paid the consultation fee and the X-ray. :P. Also thanks to everyone who help me especially to Erwin and Majar who walked by me to the hospital. ;)

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