Thursday, September 24, 2009

The World's Tallest Man

The new record holder of the world's tallest man is Sultan Kosen from Turkey. At the same time he also claim the record for the largest hands and largest feet. Standing 2 meters 46.5 cms (8 Feet 1 inch) tall, he won the latest title of the guiness' book of record's tallest man alive. Apparently he seem as tall as the bridge's wall in the picture. lol.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Literary, Games, Presentations, Foods - ESPC Holiday Event

I should rate 10+ to the organizers of the successful event of our office holiday literary competition. Despite the time constraint and the conflict of schedules everything goes fine. The venue, decorations and preparations of the sound systems are absolutely well arranged that made the whole event bashing-stunning gorgeous super extra-successful afternoon for us all. Lol (am I over reacting? <----not really :p).

Ok I don't have the pictures to share but just to give you a hint I'm gonna tell you what happened. All Eversun agents including the admin were assigned to color groupings. The groups were also entitled to perform dance, song, comic strip and parlor games. From the group everyone were assigned to their individual roles to do.

There is only a very short time to prepare so we have to figure out our strategies on have to beat the other team. Then on, every group has been silently planning to the final performance.

As the event went on Yesterday, I saw in everyone's eyes the eagerness to win the big price. hehe. Though we also want to give it our best in our performance. And every one of us never wanted to go their and do nothing. It's a shame in our part not to do at all. It is a competition and for the sake for fun as well.

So as for the recap... the blue team got the 5th place. While giving all out our best, the yellow team( which is my team ) is in the fourth place. Our best wasn't good enough. :(... Then capturing the third place was the fire burning Red Team which was organized by sir reymund. (nanukad si angkol. hekhek). Next is the unpredictable team of the admin. They were in the second place. Leaded by the singer/dancer, our manager Maam Ju and the rest of the team of admins...Lastly was the ever well organized group of green team who've won the first place. As I have seen it, they deserved that win. All out effort and the great performance of every member have made they achieve that award. They all are talented and give it all out with costumes and the props.

All in all congratulations to the winners. Raffle draw winners and to everyone who participated! Indeed that was glorious for us all.

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